Men Over 40

ANNOUNCEMENT: The OMAD Mentorship Program

Men Over 40

The vast majority of you reading these words are not 15% body fat yet, but want to be below that mark. The vast majority of you are already doing some kind of Intermittent Fasting, but need to improve your diets/discipline significantly, and would benefit TREMENDOUSLY from optimising an OMAD diet. One Meal A Day is […]

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TRT Costs

TRT: The Costs Vs The Benefits

Men Over 40, Testosterone

Testosterone Replacement Therapy continues to be a controversial men’s health topic, not just in regards to society as a whole, but with men too. Some regular objections (almost always from low T, skinny-fat, more ‘beta’ males), include “just be natural, bro”, or “but what if you can’t have kids??”, or “but now you’re on steroids, […]

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Bro Split

The Bro Split: Read This Before Starting

Alpha Physique, Men Over 40

What Is A Bro Split? The Bro Split is a highly popular way of training, that splits the body into five different groups (usually). Often this kind of bodybuilding split will look like the following: Monday – International Chest Day Tuesday – Back Wednesday – Legs Thursday – Off Friday – Shoulders Saturday – Arms […]

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Intermittent Fasting health benefits

Best Health Supplements For Men

Men Over 40, Supplements

Without your health, you have nothing. This stuff is non-optional, and food often isn’t enough to cover your baselines, especially for things like vitamin D, fish oil, magnesium, zinc and the B complex. If you get some of the best health supplements into your routine, you can expect to make significant improvements to your: Blood […]

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Best Supplements

Best Testosterone Boosters For Men

Men Over 40, Supplements, Testosterone

Ashwagandha The Best Testosterone Boosters #1. Testogen Testogen is the product that I’ve been most impressed with, in terms of an all-round testosterone booster. They’ve done exactly what I personally would do if I had a supplement company, and have taken the legitimate testosterone supplements that are actually backed with scientific evidence, and combined them […]

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Fit At 50

How To Get Super Fit After 50

Men Over 40, OMAD, Testosterone

There’s a common misconception among 50-somethings and 60-somethings, and it’s that getting fit after 50 is ‘impossible’. I’m here to tell you that it’s simply not true, and I encourage you to read this thread on Twitter (with multiple pictures of good-looking men over 50) if you don’t believe me. You can get lean AND […]

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Added Sugar

In 10 Years, 50% Of Americans Will Be Obese

Men Over 40, OMAD

Obesity is getting pretty bad, in case you didn’t know. Not only will 50% of Americans be obese in 10 years time, but according to this article, 25% will be ‘severely obese’ (which I didn’t even know was a term), defined by a BMI of over 35. This means that if you’re a man who […]

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