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Testosterone Replacement Therapy continues to be a controversial men’s health topic, not just in regards to society as a whole, but with men too.

Some regular objections (almost always from low T, skinny-fat, more ‘beta’ males), include “just be natural, bro”, or “but what if you can’t have kids??”, or “but now you’re on steroids, and steroids are cheating”.

I’ll address all of these shortly.

But firstly, let’s get into a brief introduction about what TRT is.

TRT Costs

What Is TRT?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is simply replacing the testosterone levels you had as an 18 year old (assuming you were healthy) via exogenous sources.

This is usually via testosterone injections, and this is what I recommend.

So as you can see already, it’s not “steroids”, which is blasting your testosterone levels into 2-5x the normal range.

The problem with society at the moment, is that it knows that there’s an obesity problem and accepts it (even though it’s not really doing much about it, as there’s too much money in both causing AND ‘solving’ obesity via junk food and pharmaceuticals).

But when it comes to men’s health specifically? No one gives a shit.

I could get a little conspiracist on you and talk about how no society out there wants its’ male population to be high T, as it makes the men harder to control, less compliant, and harder to extract resources from via tax.

But I won’t go down that path today.

Whatever the reason is, the reality is that nobody cares about your testosterone levels, including the “just be natural, bro” guys.

Society accepts that 30% body fat is a problem, but they don’t accept that 350 testosterone or less is also a heart attack waiting to happen. Not only this, but you’ll live a life of low happiness, sex and freedom in the process, and muscle gain and fat loss will be next to impossible.

This is when you’ll want to take TRT.

The benefits of which include:

  • You will look and feel younger
  • Improved mood & day to day happiness
  • More consistent energy when you get out of bed
  • Higher drive for ‘conquering activities’ – things like building empires, training, combat etc.
  • Better sleep quality AND quantity
  • Reduced anxiety and cortisol levels in the blood
  • Higher self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Higher sex drive & better sex with your S/O (this one’s been reported a lot to me on Twitter)
  • Increase in muscle mass (depending on dose, calorie balance, training protocol etc.)
  • Increase in muscle retention (if dieting)
  • Greater strength, and improvements in bodyweight strength
  • Increased insulin sensitivity (and the consequential higher resistance against multiple diseases)

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is something that makes all the key areas of fitness – muscle gain, fat loss, cardio, sleep etc. – far easier.

What Are The Costs Associated With TRT?

The way I recommend you do it, is that you speak to a few doctors on the phone and ask them a bunch of questions, and then pay the one you like most for the initial couple of consultations where he shows you how it all works.

I outline the whole process step-by-step in the Ultimate Testosterone Manual.

This will have an initial chunk of costs, including blood tests (~$160 depending on which ones you do), initial consultation (~$200-$250) and then checking up with him every few months or so ($200-$250 each time).

I don’t recommend checking up with him forever, as there’s no need.

Once you’re set and you know what you’re doing, you can politely end the consultations and carry this on yourself for the rest of your life.

So once you’re beyond the initial one-off costs, what are your on-going monthly costs?

This number is going to include testosterone vials, HCG (optional) syringes, needles, anti-bac wipes, all of which will cost roughly $170-$200 per month. Then on top of that, you’ll still want to get blood tests to monitor your testosterone, estrogen, FSH, LH, thyroid, vitamin D etc., and this will cost you roughly $70-$90 per month when averaged out.

Meaning, a total of ~$240-$290 per month over the long-run.

What About The Non-Financial TRT Costs?

There’s very little in the way of non-financial costs, but there’s a couple of things to potentially look at.

One question you may be wondering about, especially if you’re under age 45 or so, is “what about kids??” TRT will absolutely make you temporarily infertile, which is why it’s largely a strategy for older men who don’t want anymore kids.

But it is temporary 99% of the time.

You can indeed come off TRT years later and start on a HCG program, which re-stimulates your balls back into action with a 99% success rate. But if you do go down this path, I strongly suggest you go back to your doc and get it all done with professional supervision.

That’s really it in terms of TRT costs, the rest is all upsides for the typical Man Over 40.

One of the biggest upsides is that you simply look and feel more youthful, which is something I cover a lot in the Anti-Aging System, which is definitely something to look into if you’re 40+.

I hope this article has ben useful. Feel free to ping me questions via email at, or on Twitter, and I’ll happily answer them.

See you next time.

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