Testogen Review (A 44% Increase In Testosterone?)

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Testogen Review

This Testogen review is going to be honest, as it’s written by someone who has actually taken this product for several months, as opposed to someone who’s literally never taken it in their lives.

Or someone who takes it for three days, and expects to ‘feel’ a certain way – like they’ve taken Viagra or steroids.

Testogen is not a drug.

Rather it’s a supplement that uses all of the scientifically proven ingredients, and will take your natural testosterone levels as high as possible.

Assuming your diet, training, sleep, and overall lifestyle are on point, this supplement will turn you into an absolute machine.

(You can BUY TESTOGEN here.)

Testogen Review

What Is Testogen?

As mentioned above, it’s not some kind of drug that will immediately give you unnatural erections that last for days.


It’s a supplement that takes your testosterone levels into the ‘higher normal’ range for a healthy male.

Which means that it will take YOUR testosterone levels from 300, 400 or 500, up to the 800-1200 range which is where you need to be as a man.

This is where you need to be if you want the testosterone levels of a high value, high performing man. You’re not going to achieve this if your T levels are that of an old man.

They need to be 800-1200 in order to:

  • Perform well in bed
  • Have a strong drive/motivation to pursue your mission
  • Have more day to day energy in general
  • Pack on muscle more easily
  • Burn fat more easily
  • Sleep better
  • Enjoy higher sex drive (and she will enjoy it too, believe me)
  • Lose the ‘Dad Bod’/estrogenic physique
  • Regain that ‘Alpha vibe’

What Testogen will do for you, is it will gradually build all of the above over a period of time.

The company has done exactly what I would have done if I was running a supplement company. It’s taken ALL of the scientifically-backed testosterone boosters, and blended them altogether into a powerful supplement.

Let’s explore some of these below…

Testogen Review: The Ingredients

As I said, all of these ingredients are legitimate, and science-backed. Most have actually had meta analyses done – so you know EXACTLY what you’re getting with this stuff.

First up:

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is becoming more and more important for mens testosterone levels, as we spend more time indoors. Seasonal Affective Disorder is also a very real thing, that’s a leading cause of depression in many countries in the northern hemisphere.

Studies show that it’s essential for sexual function in men, with a very close link to total testosterone levels.

Another one found a 20% increase in testosterone levels over a 12 month period, after taking 3,300 IU’s of vitamin D3.

Do you see why I say it’s a long game, and that expecting results within days is insanity?

In Testogen, vitamin D3 is dosed at 50mcg (2000 IUs). There is also Vitamin K1 dosed at 20mcg to enhance the absorbtion of D3.

D Aspartic Acid

Bodybuilding.com has been talking about this one for a while now, and with good reason. While I do think some of the studies might be slightly biased, and that the extreme results are not necessarily going to apply to you reading these words, there’s certainly some promise here.

For example, this study which reported a whopping 42% increase in testosterone from most of the participants, within a few weeks(!)

This one found an incredible 30-60% increase in testosterone over a 90 day period. Pretty impressive, and definitely worth a shot if the potential results are that powerful.

In Testogen, this is dosed at 2352mg.

Magnesium + Zinc

Magnesium is yet another one that’s incredibly well-researched, with the main purported benefits being improved sleep and relaxation. Zinc is potentially even more powerful, depending on the individuals needs.

This study concluded that magnesium supplementation could well increase testosterone levels in athletes, but it would depend on whether or not there’s a deficiency there – similar to studies done on zinc.

Anecdotally however, I have always found the zinc and magnesium combination to help with recovery post training, and sleeping better at night. It’s worth looking into.

In Testogen, this is dosed at 200mg, and zinc is dosed at 10mg.


There’s been a surge of fairly recent studies on Boron, which look really promising from a male health standpoint. It’s a natural mineral found in deposits in some vegetables, and also helps with vitamin D3 effectiveness.

See how a lot of the ingredients have a synergistic effect?

This study reported findings that boron increased free testosterone (the marker that REALLY counts, more so than total testosterone), and reduced estradiol significantly.

This one noticed a significant reduction in estradiol also, so you could think of boron as an ‘estrogen blocker’ to some extent.

In Testogen, Boron is dosed at 8mg, which is right at the sweet spot in between the doses used in the above studies.

Testogen Reviews

What Others Are Saying

Will (43) says:

“I purchased Testogen when you made a post on Twitter a few months ago. I had been trying to play basketball 3 time a week for 1.5 hours. But after 20 minutes my legs would seize up, my lower legs especially. I also would end up tweaking or pulling a hamstring. I quit playing, saw your post, then took Testogen for a couple months.

One day I decided to go play again and told my self I was just going to have to take it easy, carefully jog and be a set shooter from three-point land. But now I have played for over a month and haven’t had any problems. I frankly don’t know if its help in other ways but my legs working again was like a new testament miracle.”

Matt (39) writes:

“Great product. Within about a month my testosterone levels had shot up from 450 to 650. This product actually helped me to sleep better, train better etc. So it’s not always a case of your sleep, diet and training coming first.”

What Are The Testogen Side Effects?

I’ve been taking this for several months now, and there have been a grand total of ZERO negative side effects.

So if you’re looking for a ‘downside’ to the product, it’s that it will not act like viagra or a steroid cycle, if that’s what you’re expecting, which would be absolutely insane.

But what are the positive results after 3-6 months of taking Testogen?

Assuming you’re sleeping properly, are not an alcoholic, and you’re lifting weights, then you can expect your testosterone levels to either:

A) Be in the 800-1200 range, or;

B) Within striking distance of the ideal male range (800+)

Please get your blood work done before and after, so that you can see what I’m talking about in this Testogen Review.

Noticeable Benefits

In terms of noticeable, day-to-day benefits, you can expect to notice the following after 3+ months:

  • Improved mood and sense of well-being (and more of that ‘masculine energy‘ that comes from being a higher testosterone male)
  • Improved sleep & recovery from training
  • Faster muscle growth
  • Increased frequency hitting personal records in the gym
  • Easier time losing body fat (higher metabolism, better insulin sensitivity from D3) – Phen Gold will also help you if fat loss is your primary goal
  • Increased sex drive (but this does not happen overnight – it’s not some quick fix!!!!)

Another nice side benefit is that Testogen offer you a 90 day money-back guarantee, which is far more applicable for a supplement that takes months to work (they all do!) 30 days just isn’t long enough.

Where To Buy Testogen

I personally got mine from their website right here:


The whole buying process was incredibly simple, and the website layout is very easy to follow. The only thing I don’t like is the way they charge you for delivery on 1 month’s supply, but they don’t for 2 or 3. It almost ‘forces’ you into paying more.

But morality aside, I would advise you to just suck it up and pay for the 2-3 months option, as you end up getting way more than that (3-5 months supply), and the supplement will actually benefit you and improve your life over this kind of timeframe – 1 month just isn’t going to cut it.

So, to set your expectations:

Combine this bad boy with the right sleep, diet and training, and you can potentially transform your physique and your health within ~6 months.

Nothing happens overnight.

You will notice benefits within 2 months.

But the real transformation starts around 3 months in, provided you’re also putting in the work.

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