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As we know, there is a problem with declining testosterone levels in Men Over 40, and nobody really gives a damn. But I do. I want you to be healthy, happy, strong and energetic. I want you to achieve your fitness goals also. TRT is one of those things that isn’t yet “societally acceptable” and will be frowned upon by your wife, sister and all their girlfriends (and probably a lot of Beta’s too). But people are slowly coming round to it.


Just like people are slowly coming round to the idea that “A job for life” no longer exists in the modern era dominated by rapid technological changes, and that one source of income can be pretty dangerous. People always adapt to new realities, eventually, and in this case, the reality is that mens health is declining.


This article is based upon an excellent guide written by Illimitable Men here, and I will be providing my own take/spin/commentary as usual.


*Disclaimer: This is not professional medical advice and is for educational purposes only. You should always consult your doctor for such advice.


Declining Testosterone


Okay, so why is TRT so important? It’s not just Men Over 40 who are suffering huge testosterone decreases, it’s men of all ages. Hormonal health is pretty damn important, and with screwed up hormones I can assure you it’s almost impossible to be healthy.


Very little is being done to sort this issue out, so it’s more or less down to you. A massive problem is that doctor’s are moving the goalposts in regards to what is “acceptable”, as this range is based on population averages, which obviously, are in decline.


It’s like the entire population gaining 2% body fat per year, so that in 10 years time the average body fat % for Men Over 40 has risen from 30% to 50%. Is 50% body fat now a healthy, acceptable level to be at? Is it in your best interests to be there?


No, it’s incredibly damaging. I’ve written before about how doing something just because Bob and Bill are doing it is a path to ruin. Societal Conditioning is potentially very, very dangerous. Body fat set points are a perfect example of where Societal Conditioning literally makes you less happy for no reason. Not good.


The fact that these “acceptable” ranges doctors are prescribing are falling with every decade, means that more and more men who need help with their hormonal health are not going to get this help. Doctors will simply say “you’re fine, you’re normal”, regardless of the fact that normal is absolutely terrible.


Again, just because half of the population never exercises and are very overweight doesn’t mean that normal is what we should be shooting for. With a lot of things, in a declining society if you’re “normal” there’s a good chance you need help.


Not only are the “acceptable” levels of testosterone on the decline, but also the levels of sperm quality – in 40 years, the percentage of abnormal sperm has risen from 38% to 97% (!!!) This means that your level of fertility is going down the toilet. If you haven’t already had kids, this could be a serious problem.


Benefits Of TRT


He talks about two main strategies as far as TRT is concerned – replacement and optimisation. The decision upon which route to take will depend on whether or not you have low testosterone already. If you do have low test, as the VAST majority of Men Over 40 will have, replacement is the best option. If your test levels are just a little below optimal, optimisation will be the best strategy for you.


So, time to highlight the benefits. A lot of these have already been mentioned in my How To Increase Testosterone post, but I will expand a little further here:


  • Improved mood
  • More energy
  • Higher motivation
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Higher confidence
  • Higher sex drive
  • Increase in muscle mass (depending on dose, calorie balance etc.)
  • Increase in muscle retention (if dieting)
  • Greater strength
  • Increased insulin sensitivity (and the consequential higher resistance against multiple diseases)


Yeah, there’s quite a few benefits to be had. I think it’s well worth receiving a few frowns and “shaming” tactics from The Herd in order to receive these improvements in life quality. Especially for Men Over 40, who are the most likely to notice tremendous improvements in all of the above areas.


Something I would like to add to this, is that there are some “natural” things you want to look at first, as I think if you avoid these, you are ignoring legitimate lifestyle problems that could make a big difference for little effort (little being my subjective opinion. In no particular order:


  1. Make sure you are lifting weights (intensely) on a regular basis – multiple times per week, and this includes big compound movements like the squat, deadlift etc.
  2. Make sure you are getting laid regularly (another controversial one but this is just trying to avoid your basic biology if you don’t admit this).
  3. Make sure you are getting 7+ hours of sleep every night.


After these fundamentals are met, we can really be in a great position to get our money’s worth from TRT. For a lot of Men Over 40, the biggest benefits will be health related. Maybe you don’t have the same drive you used to? Or general energy and enthusiasm for life. Or maybe you are genetically pre-disposed to having diabetes?


Or, maybe, you don’t want to completely waste away like 99% of Men Over 40 end up doing. Maybe you want to retain a bit of your muscle. Who really wants to look like a wrinkly old skeleton, regardless of whether or not this is the norm?


Other Options


He also talks about other potential options outside of TRT:

  1. Clomid
  2. HCG
  3. Aromatase Inhibitor (usually “arimidex”)


Clomid is in tablet form, but I wouldn’t just take this because you’re afraid of needles. However, clomid essentially sends signals to your balls to increase their level of testosterone production. The good news about this is that it never involves internal shutdown, like TRT will. The drawback is that some men report feeling terrible whilst on it, which seems pointless. So it’s something to try and experiment with, but if you feel terrible then obviously look at other options.


HCG is injected into subcutaneous fat stores (rather than intra-muscular like TRT), and is very often associated with increases in feelings of well-being. Often it’s used to maintain fertility whilst on TRT, so it’s used in conjunction with TRT. But it can be used alone. HCG also causes your testicles to produce more testosterone and sperm by mimicking luteinising hormone.


Aromatase inhibitors prevent estrogen levels from rising higher than they should. If you already have high estrogen, this will both lower your estrogen and raise test simultaneously. If you don’t have high estrogen, this won’t do anything. This is why Men Over 40 need to get their blood levels tested, get the results from the doctor, and then look at what is actually healthy (rather than societal norms). You simply can’t know what the best option is without getting blood tests done.


A great example of a guy who’s been on TRT for a while now and documented his experiences is Blackdragon, who I’ve linked before. You can read about his experiences in a 5 part series here.




This is either a serious worry, or an absolute life-saver. For Men Over 40 who have already had the kids they want, TRT will likely make you infertile, which means you aren’t going to have any unwanted kids (make sure you regularly check your sperm levels though!) I mean, this is a pretty huge problem that’s just been completely taken care of. Nice.


If you’re under the age of 35 or so and you want kids (or more kids), this could be a major problem. However, HCG is very, very successful in re-boosting your natural sperm production, even after long-term TRT. So it’s very unlikley that you’ll be permanently infertile. LOADS of guys have documented the success of HCG in this regard – just Google around.




If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask in the comments section, but also check out  Illimitable Men’s post as he addresses quite a few good ones there.


In summary, TRT can be life-changing. It’s controversial, sure, but I really couldn’t care less about controversy if it improves life quality. Who gives a shit?


Good luck 🙂


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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