Men Over 40: 5 Reasons You Need TRT

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It looks like Blackdragon is doing all my work for me these days. He’s written another great post for Men Over 40, this one titled “Objections Regarding Testosterone Replacement Therapy”.

I highly suggest you go and check it out here.

Testosterone is declining for men across all ages. But it’s even worse for Men Over 40. Just because your doctor says you have “normal” testosterone for your age, does not mean you should simply say “uhhh, okay” and then go back to living your life.

This is because in today’s world, normal = terrible.

It’s the equivalent of looking at average body fat percentages, which for Men Over 40 is 25%+, and then concluding that this is a good target to shoot for, because it’s “normal”.

Obviously this is stupid and in most cases, it’s a death sentence.

If you want to lose fat at the maximum rate possible with Intermittent Fasting, whilst maintaining (or even building) muscle, building strength in the gym, and improving your life as a whole, TRT will be your best friend.

Men Over 40

5 Reasons Men Over 40 Need TRT

Number One – You Will Maintain Your Muscle & Strength

On Twitter, I’ve noted that there is a group of older guys who believe that cardio-only is the best way to go, and that they don’t need strength training.

This mindset needs to go, because it’s false. You need strength training, muscle mass and especially leg strength, even more than younger men do. That is, if you want to live longer, maintain your mobility, and your mental health for as long as possible.

This is even more critical when you’re in a calorie deficit, because when you’re in a negative energy balance, you are risking your muscle mass.

If you lose muscle, you age faster, and die sooner. End of.

Additionally, you will look less masculine, skinnier, and you’ll be weaker.

TRT will help to mitigate this muscle loss risk, assuming you combine it with regular, intense weight training.

Number Two – You Will Be More Confident

Confidence makes everything in your life better. When you feel invincible, and you know deep down in your heart that you’re capable of achieving whatever you set your mind to, it’s difficult not to enjoy life.

You will become more confident in the gym.

You will become more confident with women.

You will become more confident in your career.

And all of this help to improve your life.

The other extreme with this is a complete lack of confidence, which can be completely paralysing, and guys will simply not get anything done, making endless lists of excuses as to why they don’t succeed.

Once you’re confident in yourself, excuse-making soon ends.

Number Three – You Will Make More Money

One of the biggest reasons that younger men have so much energy and are capable of rising up very, very quickly, is that they have higher levels of testosterone.

They often increase their income very quickly, have a huge amount of ambition, and want to dominate the world. If they perform the correct actions, they will end up making a lot of money.

Whereas a lot of older men tend to be more pessimistic, subdued, and less aggressive.

There are several factors here, but testosterone is a BIG one. A lack of testosterone is one of the biggest causes of older men losing their drive, becoming more beta, and becoming less attractive to their wives.

Which leads nicely onto…

Number Four – You Will Avoid The Fate Of Older Betas

I’ve seen a lot of guys in my personal life who used to be Alphas, slowly transition into Betas, and one of the key reasons is due to declining testosterone every single year.

They lose their passion, drive and aggression.

They stop pursuing things that they want in their lives, and seem to want to stay at home all the time and not really do anything.

I couldn’t think of anything worse personally, but it seems to be a common “older man thing”.

You may be thinking, “well, maybe that’s just what suits them at the time – leave them to it.”

But the reality is that they all end up being miserable because of it.

A depressed person may not want to hit the gym or eat properly, because they don’t feel like it. But I don’t care. It will still make them even more miserable, so it’s not the right thing to do.

Keep your testosterone high, and you’ll have plenty of energy, drive, and you will maintain the Alpha mindset that you had when you were younger.

Number Five – You Will Have A Better Sex Life

We’re all men, and we all like sex.

If you’re incapable of getting an erection, this is just another basic part of being a man that you’re losing. A key source of happiness that is now completely inaccessible to you because your testosterone levels are shot to shit.

Again, if you’re on TRT you can maintain the sex life and satisfaction that a younger man is capable of. Why on earth would you not want that?


TRT may well just change your life if you’re over the age of 35 or so.

Now, there’s a few caveats to this:

You will need to do your own research and due diligence, budget for the monthly costs, and keep tracking everything with your doctor.

But it will be well worth it. We’re talking life-changing stuff here.

If you’re still in doubt, read this.

Additionally, I have recently recorded a 25 minute podcast on how to maximise your testosterone levels, including the organic methods, and this will be available only at the IFFT members program next week.

Stay tuned.

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