Best Supplements

I’m always getting questions on the best supplements in general, the best supplements for Intermittent Fasting, best supplements for muscle gain etc.

Here, I’m going to answer all your questions.

What Are Supplements?

Supplements are products that are designed to improve your health, your appearance, your energy and your overall life, in addition to your diet/lifestyle.

They can come in tablets, capsules, liquids or powders, and are designed to give you an edge in your health & fitness life.

Almost everyone can benefit from supplements to some extent, and this is especially true if you’re over the age of 40, you don’t get enough nutrients from your diet, or you have special health concerns like cancer, diabetes, hypogonadism (low T), metabolic resistance, heart disease etc.

Athletes in competitive sports often take supplements to give them an edge over their competition, and fitness models and bodybuilders will do the same for similar reasons.

Let’s check out some of the benefits…

Benefits Of Dietary Supplements

The benefits are pretty powerful, especially if you’re combining your supplement regimen with an excellent Intermittent Fasting diet and training program.

Increased Fat Loss

Yes, supplements will get you ever closer to that elusive 10% body fat, assuming your diet is under control. This can be through two key mechanisms – increased Basal Metabolic Rate, and/or a decrease in your appetite – both of which make fat loss much easier.

Boost Strength In The Gym

This can be through increased energy levels, mental focus, creatinine levels, or glucose to the muscles. Or a combination of all of them. Leaving you to experience a real boost in performance.

Meeting Nutritional Requirements

In order to hit every single micronutrient and vitamin RDA (recommended daily allowance) which is often on the low end anyway, you’d need a pretty perfect diet every day.

What about ‘off days?’

What about if you train hard and sweat a lot?

Supplements help you to fill in those gaps, and your competition will struggle to keep up.

Reducing Anxiety & Stress

There’s plenty of supplements out there that will enhance your sleep quality, which will indirectly help during stressful times. Then there’s supplements that directly reduce anxiety through neurotransmitters in your brain. Both work.

Increasing Energy & Clarity

This is the ‘clean’, focused energy that all men need more of. Often, this is through enhancing blood flow, recovery or improved digestion.

Controlling Blood Sugar

This is the biggest one for obesity, diabetes, and general heart health. Improving insulin sensitivity can often be the first step for those who have been obese for extended periods of time.
















Specific Supplements Effects

What should you expect from any particular supplement that you wish to buy? Fat loss, energy, appetite suppression, improved sleep, lower blood pressure, enhanced cognitive function?

Let’s explore…

SupplementExpected Benefit
ElectrolytesMore energy, better pump in the gym
BCAAsMuscle gain/retention while dieting
Phen GoldFat loss, appetite suppression
NooCubeImproved cognitive function
Vitamin D3Higher testosterone, improved mood, better sleep
Magnesium CBetter sleep
TestogenIncreased testosterone
Vitamin B ComplexMore energy
Omega 3Heart health, lower blood pressure
Creatine MonoMuscle gain
AshwagandhaIncreased testosterone, reduced cortisol
Vitamin B12More energy, all round improved bloodwork for vegans
Immune HeroFar stronger immune system
MelatoninDeeper sleep, for longer

So supplements can be pretty powerful when you’re already living a life of consistent training, a good diet, and quality sleep.

But what about the potential drawbacks of supplements?

What Are The Potential Supplements Side Effects?

When it comes to food, supplements, or anything in life, the dose is the key variable. Anything can become a net negative when it’s overdone, even something as critical as water and hydration.

All supplements are going to be safe when taken in the correct quantities, but here’s some potential (rare) side effects to look out for:

SupplementPossible Side Effects
ElectrolytesFaster/irregular heartbeat if you take way too much
Phen QFaster heartbeat, light headed
NooCubeNone reported
Vitamin D3Nausea, vomiting if you take way too much
Magnesium CAbdominal cramping, diarrhea if you take way too much
TestogenDiarrhea, vomiting
Vitamin BIncreased thirst, dehydration
Omega 3Fishy burps, breath, headache
Creatine MonoMuscle cramping, dehydration, water retention
AshwagandhaPotential stomach upsets
Vitamin B12Itching, skin rash, diarrhea
CurcurminBloating, acid reflux
Immune HeroNone reported