I’m always getting questions on the best supplements in general, the best supplements for Intermittent Fasting, best supplements for muscle gain etc.

Here, I’m going to answer all your questions.

Intermittent Fasting Supplements

Firstly, I’ll talk about the Intermittent Fasting specific products I recommend, as it’s the main area I focus on.


The most important one by far, is electrolytes. They’re a requirement for maintaining stable energy levels in the morning, as these four key salts tend to get low in the morning for people following an Intermittent Fasting routine.

The four key ones being – sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride.

And this is especially true if you’re training in the morning in a fasted state (I have more to say on this shortly).

If you’re worried about these salts breaking your fast, don’t worry – they won’t. The golden rule is: If there’s less than ~25 calories in there, the change is so miniscule that it’s not worth even thinking about.

Check out the product I recommend:


This is a key muscle-preserver for those who train in a fasted state early in the morning.

Quite often this may be 5am, 6am or 7am, and it’s hours until the main meal is due.

Enter: BCAA’s.

These will allow you to maintain your muscle by flooding them with the essential amino acids, without breaking your fast or the ability to lose fat.

So simply put, BCAA’s = more muscle, less fat, for the Intermittent Faster.

Check out my favourite product below:

Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Now these are not ‘testosterone-boosters’ per say (i.e garbage), but what these supplements WILL do is cover your non-negotiable requirements in order to have high testosterone.

If you DON’T have these basics covered, it’s guaranteed to impact the very hormone that makes you a man.

Get these ticked off, and you’re setting yourself up for the rest of your life.


The most important area that most men fail in is vitamin D. We’re sedentary, we spend too much time indoors, and our testosterone levels suffer.

Most people understand this.

But I’m ALWAYS being asked on social media – “which is your favourite brand?” and “what do you recommend?”

Alright, here’s the main thing you need to know: liquids > tablets. They absorb faster and are far more effective overall.

If you want to know EXACTLY what I use every single morning, this is the one right here:


This is a big one for testosterone, simply due to the impact it has upon sleep.

If you take 200mg 30 minutes before bed, GUARANTEED you’ll sleep better, you’ll recover far more efficiently from intense training sessions, and you’ll have more daily energy.

It’s always been one of my biggest recommendations to Men Over 40, especially if they have kids, or have had them in the past.

This is the product I’ve been using for a while now:


All of us benefit from having greater day-to-day energy, and then of course from long-term disease prevention.

More energy means more productivity, better workouts, better relationships – just more fuel for EVERYTHING in your life.

Then certain supplements are also very helpful for keeping blood pressure down, and heart health optimal.


This is something I’ve been using for many years now, and has always been effective in increasing my daily energy levels and also mood. And I eat plenty of red meat too.

So this is particularly important for any vegans or vegetarians reading this – make sure you’re getting your nutrient baselines met.

This is the product I use:


If you eat fish consistently 3* per week or more, then you probably don’t need to order fish oil.

But if you eat fish less than this, or you don’t like the taste, or you’re a vegetarian, then you’re seriously missing out on health benefits such as heart health, reduced cravings, lower blood pressure etc.

Make sure you’re getting your basic omega 3 needs met.

Here’s what I use (these have FAR more actual omega 3 in than most products, plus they don’t come with the fishy burps):


Then of course I have to put in THE most well-researched muscle-building supplement out there.

I used creatine for the first 4 years of my lifting career, and made unbelievable muscle gains with it. Here’s the brand I used: