The Ultimate Testosterone Manual

It’s 2020, and testosterone in western men is declining by 1% every year.

This is not some kind of conspiracy theory, it’s the cold hard truth.

And it’s not just this.

Because there’s no immediate impact from this like physical pain, a fever or hospitalisation, men don’t notice the insidious effects that ruin your entire life when you have low testosterone.

What makes this even worse, is that doctors across the entirety of the western world, are shifting the goalposts downwards, in terms of what is ‘acceptable’, leaving men thinking they’re 100% fine, when they are not.

This is why men are not healthy or strong AT ALL, and are far more feminised in 2020 than their grandfathers ever were.

It all starts with testosterone levels.

What happens essentially, is that there’s a slow release of physical and psychological issues that end up seeping into all areas of your life, and poisoning your very existence:

  • You lose muscle
  • You become depressed AND anxious
  • You lose your natural drive and ambition
  • You lose your masculinity and attractiveness
  • You lose your metabolism and gain fat more easily
  • You lose self-confidence and self-belief
  • You become fearful and more defense-oriented
  • You become easily controlled by everyone in your life
  • You get lazy and procrastinate often (read: you DECLINE)

Health is the foundation of your entire life, and without it, you have NOTHING. And this is the exact way you’ll be heading without taking action.

What I described above is the path of the AVERAGE man who decides not to act.

He is ‘happy’ being depressed, fearful and procrastinating every day.

He is ‘happy’ being at the mercy of his boss, his wife, and the external world.

He is ‘happy’ losing muscle mass and increasing his risk of every single age-related disease known to man.

But for you? The intelligent man who wants the best for himself?

Oh, it looks VERY different.

  • Your Appearance – more muscle mass, less body fat, better skin, better posture
  • Your Health – protection against all diseases, more energy, better sleep
  • Your Finances – stronger drive & ambition, greater pleasure from work, less desire to procrastinate
  • Your Relationships – powerful masculine energy, more calm, stronger frame, results in greater femininity from women, better leadership with friends & family

It’s a far better life to live, and it’s not actually THAT difficult to achieve.

There’s a little work and a bit of a time lag, but I’ve had clients go from sub-350 testosterone to over-500 in less than two months!

Life-changing stuff, all in a very short space of time.

What You Get Inside The Manual

You’re going to learn how to take your own testosterone levels WELL over 500, firstly.

Then once you’re there, into the 800-1200 range, which is the optimal range for males.

I show you exactly what to do to maximise your testosterone using the ‘organic’ methods, and then how to begin your TRT journey if you’re over 30 and it makes sense to your situation.

You will not find this information ANYWHERE else in the ForeverAlphaBlog business.

It’s absolute Gold Dust for the masculine-minded man who wants to level-up his life in just about every area.

As always, you get a 100% iron-clad, lifetime money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the program, then I will refund every penny right back to you!

Not only this, but you’re also getting one of my best podcasts from IFFT – ‘The High Testosterone Lifestyle’, which will show you how to live each week, in order to boost your testosterone levels long-term. It’s a 28 minute(!), how-to, zero BS podcast, jam-packed with information. It’s all yours, for FREE.

As I said, this is NOT for the complacent, obedient beta who is ‘happy’ to decline across all areas of life.

It’s for the committed man who is dissatisfied with his current direction and needs a complete change, or he is happy with his direction but not the speed in which he’s moving.

If that’s you, then grab your copy of the Ultimate Testosterone Manual below: