4 Benefits Of TRT


Men Over 40


It has long been accepted that declining testosterone is just something that “happens” as Men Over 40 continue to age. You will visit your doctor and he (or she) will take your blood samples.


“How are my testosterone and estrogen levels looking doc?”


“Oh they’re normal. Nothing to worry about. Perfectly fine.”


But there’s an enormous underlying problem here. Yes this is normal for a man in his 50’s or 60’s. But does this actually tell us anything useful? What they don’t say is that normal testosterone levels for a sixty year old are not (anywhere near) optimal for energy, motivation and ultimately, happiness. Is this what we’re actually shooting for? No.


Just like most people will be told that they have a “normal” level of muscle mass, and a “normal” BMI (or whatever they use) but the truth is that they would be more confident and happier if they gained some muscle. You’re not getting the entire truth from doctors.


By they way, I’ve spoken to LOADS of guys in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s outside of the health and fitness circles/spheres, across a variety of countries and cultures the past few years. A lot of men will claim that muscle isn’t important, or something. But I can tell you from vast, vast, experience with this stuff that it’s almost impossible for the average man not to feel more confident from gaining some muscle. I suspect most men are simply justifying their own laziness.


TRT is more or less a guaranteed loophole when it comes to muscle loss, energy problems, focus, productivity & sex drive. I appreciate that it may be a big jump for a lot of guys, and a literal pain in the ass every week, but it is definintely worth looking into:


Number 1 – Reduced Catabolism


From a health and fitness standpoint, apart from your joints and ligaments, you Men Over 40 will have the recovery levels of an 18 year old. This means your muscle gain goals are going to be FAR easier to achieve. It will also help you to maintain far more muscle when dieting, and hence, a greater proportion of your calorie deficit will be digging into fat stores, rather than your precious gainz.


This reduced catabolism will slow down the whole ageing process as a whole, and you will tend to look more youthful for longer. It isn’t going to make you look 20 years younger as soon as you start taking it, but it will slow down the decline. Awesome.


Number 2 – Lower Stress


Bascially TRT has been reported (from so many older guys) to improve their sleep, and consequently lower their stress levels. Lower stress means a happier and healthier you. Most premature deaths can all be traced back to excessive levels of ongoing stress. TRT literally acts as a life enhancer in multiple ways.


Number 3 – Male Birth Control


A lot of Men Over 40 have already had all the kids they could possibly want. Their kids have grown up, they love them very much, but wouldn’t dream of having any more of the little bastards. TRT will make that dream come true. Most men’s sperm count literally drops to zero.


The beauty of this though, is that if you ever change your mind on whether or not you want kids (or more kids), you can always get some HCG to re-boost that sperm count.


Number 4 – Improved Energy And Mood


Energy flows into everything you do, and without energy, you would stay in bed all day. The other extreme is a guy who is a productive monster who does nothing but work, build, create, progress and achieve. Most people are somewhere in the middle; doing enough to get by but not enough to make significant progress with anything.


It means you can actually work towards a secondary goal at the same time as your primary goal, which means your life tends to improve pretty quickly. Whereas a guy with less energy has to focus on ONE thing at a time, which tends to be a little slower.


Energy is critical.




TRT is potentially a life-changer, but I would advise going to a specific Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic instead of your typical GP. TRT-specific clinics are going to be a lot more open and receptive to this kind of stuff that isn’t yet a social norm. They will likely be a lot more knowledgeable and helpful.


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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