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Hypergamy Doesn't Care

“Hypergamy Doesn’t Care”

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Hypergamy is all the rage in the manosphere lately, and it provokes a lot of insecurities and/or anger within men, understandably. One example of where this has happened was when Rich Cooper put out a poll on YouTube, asking women when they thought their man was the most sexy. The options went like this: “When […]

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Bruce Lee Body

How To Get A Bruce Lee Body

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A lot of men were very inspired by ‘The Godfather of MMA’ and his movies in the past, and want to get the Bruce Lee Body, and with good reason. The movies were awesome, and the dude was a shredded badass. Today I’m going to delve into some of the training routines and diet tactics […]

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How To Build Broad Shoulders

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Can you build broad shoulders, even if you’ve got a narrower bone structure? The answer is YES, but you’ve got to do things a little differently to most guys. Most men want broader shoulders to some degree. Because they know it looks good – it symbolises strength, power, and fitness. Especially when it’s combined with […]

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Bro Split

The Bro Split: Read This Before Starting

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What Is A Bro Split? The Bro Split is a highly popular way of training, that splits the body into five different groups (usually). Often this kind of bodybuilding split will look like the following: Monday – International Chest Day Tuesday – Back Wednesday – Legs Thursday – Off Friday – Shoulders Saturday – Arms […]

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