Intermittent Fasting Coffee: Can You Have Milk?

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Intermittent Fasting coffee

One of the most useful tools in your Intermittent Fasting arsenal, is caffeine. Ideally, black coffee, although green tea is a good substitute.

Caffeine blunts your hunger, ramps up your metabolism and helps you to push that first meal back as far as humanly possible.

It’s a three-pronged attack of Intermittent Fasting, fat burning magic.

But the big question is “can you have milk in your coffee?”

I’m going to give you answer that may be surprising, in about two minutes.

The Benefits Of Black Coffee

Black coffee is a very powerful fat loss tool on its own, but where it really shines is when you have this in the morning, in a fasted state.

You’re more than simply ‘skipping breakfast’ – you’re replacing it with something that will fuel you and reduce your appetite simultaneously.

So here are some of the ways black coffee will improve your fitness life:

Intermittent Fasting Coffee

Faster Metabolism

Your Intermittent Fasting coffee will ramp up your metabolism and allow you to burn more fat more easily.

Especially if it’s black.

People often talk about ‘eating breakfast’ to increase your metabolism, but they don’t realise that the 2% increase in metabolism is completely-and-utterly destroyed by the 30-40% increase in caloric intake.

Black coffee leads to a metabolic increase without the calories.

So yes, you will get to that 10% body fat much faster and with less stalls/plateaues.

Reduced Hunger

Black coffee also seriously blunts your hunger.

Quite often people will begin their Intermittent Fasting journey with a little morning hunger (as breakfast is what they’re accustomed to), only to follow a personalised meal plan with black coffee, and have that hunger completely vanish.

Before they know it, the love handles have disappeared, they’re beow the ‘200 pound mark’ and another few months later they’ve finally got abs.

And it all started with replacing their high carb breakfast with black coffee.

Zero Desire For Junk Food

Most people have a sweet tooth that’s been drilled into them since they were kids.

It’s a problem.

It’s what leads to the desire for cookies, ice cream, overeating virtually anyting and everything, and ’emotional eating’ which is a very real thing (I used to suffer from this in the past).

If you can eliminate this desire for junk food for the rest of your life, man, you’re going to be one lean, fit motherfucker.

Black coffee helps you to achieve this, because you’re starting each and every morning with a bitter taste, which almost ‘drives out’ your sweet tooth over time.

Highly recommended.

But what if you have milk in your coffee? Won’t that ruin the fast?

Intermittent Fasting Coffee

Intermittent Fasting Coffee: Is Milk Good Or Bad?

Most people follow a 16/8 Intermittent Fasting schedule of at least 16 hours fasted, and ideally, during this period you consume zero calories.

And even if you’re going ‘hardcore’, completely resetting your insulin and destroying the excess estrogen with a 72 hour fast, the same zero calorie rules still apply while fasting.

Black coffee has zero. Green tea has zero. Water has zero. Sparkling water has zero.

But milk has SOME calories.

Is it the end of the world?

Well, let’s remind ourselves of why we’re fasting in the first place.

For most people most of the time, the primary goal is to lose fat. The secondary goal is for health benefits – detox, hormones, mental health etc.

Does drinking milk in your coffee compromise any of this?

The answer is of course, no.

You will still lose weight if you have two splashes of milk in your two coffees. It amounts to about 20-40 calories, tops. Therefore 97%+ of your daily calories are still being consumed within the condensed, 8 hours or less eating window.

Which is what the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle is all about. Condense that eating window. Make yourself fuller.

So the answer is YES you can drink milk.

But what if you’re that ambitious guy who wants to get down to a lean 10% body fat, and effortlessly maintain that chiselled state year round?

What if you want to eliminate your sugar addiction for the rest of your life, so that you can keep off that belly fat FOREVER?

If this is you, then it’s best not to get into the habit of putting anything into your coffee.

Because if you want rock hard abs year round, and a good-looking face at all times, you want to be living a lifestyle where ‘wasted calories’ are the rarity, not the norm.

Plus, black coffee simply trains you to get accustomed to bitter tastes, which makes it way easier to stay lean over the long-term.

Things like sugar cravings and wanting something sweet simply doesn’t exist in my world.

It’s nonsense.

And I attribute a decent amount of this to black coffee.

The Black Coffee Strategy

It’s super simple.

You wake up at whatever time you normally would.

Instead of eating breakfast, you drink a cup of black coffee and enjoy that beauty.

Then two hours later, you have another cup.

THEN another two hours later, you break your fast (with lunch) eating a relatively low carb meal with plenty of protein.

Dead simple, right?

But it’s this simplicity that’s so powerful, and will ramp up your metabolism, reduce your cravings and your hunger, and make fat loss so effortless.

No more stalling. Endless fat loss gains.

Now, this is the black coffee strategy for 16/8 fasting.

If you were doing something like the OMAD diet (One Meal A Day) then you would stretch the fasting period out, and have some more tea or sparkling water.

Enter The Intermittent Fasting Kingdom

If you’re interested in getting your diet on point and getting completely ripped, make sure you check out my meal plans.

I also offer Intermittent Fasting coaching where you get on-going help and complete accountability via 24/7 Whatsapp support.



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3 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting Coffee: Can You Have Milk?”

  1.  Hi – your answer seems to only consider that one is doing intermittent fasting for a reduction in calories. I’ve been watching a stack of videos that talk about all the things happening in the body with levels, etc. – my question is whether the full-fat milk is messing with all of that as I’m having my coffee in the morning, so only about 12 hours into my 18-hour window? Also, I’m not sure how “two splashes of milk” could support that “only 10 calories” line of reasoning as a quick glance at my milk jug tells me that 1/2 cup of milk (since I make a cappuccino each morning) is 75 calories w/ 4 fats/5.5 carbs/4 proteins. A splash that’s 10-calories worth woudl actually seem like no more than tbs. Thanks

  2.  Thank you so much for this. I love a cup of coffee In the morning with milk – no sugar. That’s the only one I get to have with my husband before the day starts and it was so important for me to learn that it’s ok to have my coffee with milk (I hate black coffee) and that it will not affect my intermittent fasting

  3. If you fast just for losing weight, then why not. If you are doing IF for achieving better health (and stable weight in the longer run) then NO.
    Coffee+milk is acting like a poisonous substance, it’s overloading your liver, exactly what one does NOT need and even-less-so while fasting.
    Even taken black, coffee is detrimental to achieving better health, for several reasons, the main one being its acidifying action and global negative impact on the GI tract… your first ally.

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