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Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting Manual


This is a quick announcement – I have compiled my Intermittent Fasting Manual into a concise, comprehensive guide that will take you through the system that has got me shredded, and kept me shredded year-round.


This Intermittent Fasting Manual will take your through each of the four phases, one by one, addressing all of the issues you may face, and how to execute each stage correctly:


Stage 1 is the Introduction Phase. If you mess this up, the rest of the phases become irrelevant and you’ll never maintain your weight loss. You must do this properly. It’s all about slowly becoming accustomed to the new eating schedule without diving headfirst into mistakes.


Stage 2 is the Calorie Drop. Most people doing normal diets do this completely wrong. They slash their calories adn starve themselves. I offer something that gets just as much fat loss over a multi-month period, without the problems.


Stage 3 is the Cruising Phase. This is the most fun – where you really see the magic happen. The fat is being torched away, you’re getting a chiselled face, and life is great. Enjoy.


Stage 4 is the Maintenance Phase. This is where most Bodybuilders fall apart after shows, normal people fall apart after summer vacations etc. The Maintenance Phase is crucial for long-term happiness, and maintaining a good physique year round.


This eating strategy completely transformed my life. It took me from a chubby 17% body fat to a shredded 8%; the leanest I’ve ever been in my life. And, the true magic of it is that it’s allowed me to do something that VERY fwe people do:


Maintain single digit body fat YEAR-ROUND.


Most peope get lean and then regain all of their weight. This is the perfect system to maintain your results once you get lean. It suppresses your appetite and makes you enjoy the process, rather than being deprived and miserable.

It allowed me to:


  • Stop being chubby
  • Get ripped, lean & vascular
  • Sky-rocket my sex appeal
  • Boost my confidence
  • Maintain my strength whilst cutting
  • Improve my sleep whilst in a calorie deficit
  • Raise my testosterone levels through increased sleep quality & recovery from training with ‘clean’ carbs
  • STAY LEAN without rebounding
  • Develop an eating system that seamlessly integrated with the rest of my life


You can do the same too.


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I will NOT harass you with constant emails like some subscriptions will do. I only focus on quality.


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2 thoughts on “Get Your FREE Intermittent Fasting Manual!”

  1.  Great blog, thank you.

    47 Army guy here, I’m considering trying IF; will this manual be enough info to get me started?

    Also, my workouts have been mostly squats, presses, and DLs. Do I need to buy one of your workouts to see results?

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Yes, the manual is enough to get started.

      Your exercise selection looks solid to me, but a program like James Bond or the Warrior Progam will of course guarantee progressive overload week to week, month to month, and keep you getting bigger and stronger over time.

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