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Note: This is a guest post by Apex Alpha Blog. This is a blog for men, and will help you to level up across all the key areas of your life – finances, fitness, women and lifestyle. He’s got some fantastic advice over there, go and check it out by following this link.

I believe Intermittent Fasting is one of the prerequisites for a High Value Man.

Let’s face it, we all want better lives, to be happier and more successful across all areas from health, sex, fitness and business. But, how do we achieve this?

In the western world, one of the hardest aspects of our easy lives, is avoidance of excess calories. Every aspect of our society is set up to either overfeed us, or have us moving as little as possible.

The end result is 80% of men you see are shuffling around with low energy, low ambitions and the now ever present “Dad Bod”.

Intermittent Fasting & The High Value Man

One Aspect Of Your Life Bleeds Into Others

I firmly believe, from my own experience, that one area of our lives can bleed into others.  That’s why a lot of online advice to men is “go lift”. Exercise makes us feel better, gives us visible results and is a metaphor for life – put in the effort and you will get the rewards.

So, as you see one area of your life improve it can spur you on to improve others.

However, that on its own isn’t enough, if we are to be successful in life, in the top 20% or 10%, we must draw on more than simple effort.

Intermittent Fasting Is Discipline

If we are to grow as men, to become Apex Alphas, in order to meet the challenges that we face, we need discipline. IF breeds discipline, because it forces you to avoid some pleasure for a greater future goal. This discipline is more so, because it will make you seem different from those around you, and so potentially draw criticism or questions.

If you are to push yourself in the gym, or in business, or approaching women, you will need discipline. Delaying food gratification and beating those impulses will give you a well of achievement and discipline to draw on and utilise in these other areas.

Intermittent Fasting Changes your Mindset

My journey with Intermittent Fasting & the High Value Man has led me to realise that my body was lying to me about what it needed. It was lying because, bad eating habits set by society, had been ingrained over many years, and my body was craving things it didn’t need.

Once I started to see this, first by delaying a meal by 1 or 2 hours and then 3 or 4 and building from there, I realised, that my body was capable of more than I knew, and so was my mind.

I realised, that here was another area that society has mislead us about – breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?  

So, changing my mindset around food, calories and eating, helped me to further change and move my life forward in other areas.

Intermittent Fasting

The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

The ability to be disciplined, is an area I have already discussed, on top of that, I have found that IF gives me a more focused mind and I just feel better, lighter, my stomach is “tighter”, less bloated. I have more energy.

I run a 7-figure business by day, and clearly focus is important, and being in my forties, while I train 3 times a week, I can use IF to maximise my aesthetic results without overtraining.

And speaking of aesthetics, getting compliments from women either directly or indirectly when they look at me, is great. I’m not in the 10% body fat bracket, but I am probably in the top 10% of men and probably top 5% of men my age.  When you combine this with my achievements in other areas of my life, you have a potent mix of attributes that women see as very high value, as do men that I also interact with.

There is no downside to Intermittent Fasting, and the discipline and results you gain, will certainly help to put you in the top 20% of men, enabling you to win the game of life.

So, what are you waiting for?

The Apex Alpha Blog helps men level up across areas such as mind-set, finance, health and sex, to win the Game of Life.

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