Do You Have The Ideal Male Physique?

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I was sent a very interesting video that went out a while back, where a bit of an “experiment” was done, LIVE, to determine what the ideal male physique is.

This was NOT some bull***t questionnaire that involved Leo Di Caprio’s Dad Bod and then comparing this famous multi-millionaire to random guys.

This was a legit experiment.

If you’re looking to build the optimal, 10/10 physique, you’ll be interested in this…


Now a couple of things before starting:

1. I can already hear the “who cares what women want, I just lift for myself” objection. At least 25% of you are already thinking this as you read these words.

That’s fine.

It’s your life, do whatever you want. 

If you want to bulk up to 25% body fat and go for the ‘bear mode’ look, more power to you.

But I think that most men if they’re being honest with themselves, will be interested in this video because of the sheer honesty of the women involved.

Usually when you get these kinds of things, honesty goes out of the window because the participants are overly sensitive to other people’s feelings. You can tell these women were honest because their answers were extraordinarily similar across the board.

2. Yes, the body fat %s in the above picture are way off. So when it says “5%” just call it 9%. When you see “20%”, call it 26-29% etc.

Alright, let’s get into it.

The Results

The five guys were lined up next to eachother with masks on (so facial aesthetics didn’t distort the experiment), with shirts on, and then without.

Two by two, the girls would come through, and pick their favourite in both scenarios.

The first pair come through.

“I have a certain preferred body shape, and I like broad shoulders.”

For the shirts on experiment, she picked the “10%” guy, (who was actually more like 12-13%).

Her friend picked the same guy.

Then the shirts came off.

Now things get interesting.

Shirts off, their answers changed.

The super-shredded guy was very impressive, but they didn’t want him.

The “20%” guy (who’s definitely in the late 20s), the Bear Mode guy, was too big. Too fluffy. 

“He’s a little too big for me.”

The “5%” guy?

He was chosen by both of them, and I would put him at a muscular 8-10% body fat.

It looks like the clothes were hiding the midsection of the 12-13% guy, and without a shirt on the midsection now becomes a major factor. But in winter months? It’s probably not a big deal. Broad shoulders/the v-taper is #1.

The Second Pair

Again, big emphasis on “broad shoulders” when the clothes are on.

Notice the pattern here? 

(By the way if you want broader shoulders, the fastest way to doing this is by increasing the width of your lats, then adding a bunch of shoulder work on top of that. The best program for lat width is Pull Up Domination. Remember that the lats provide the foundation from which to build off, they’re a FAR bigger muscle group than your medial delts.)

Both women chose the 12-13% guy again with shirts on.

Notice how when people are actually honest, there really isn’t much variation in their choices at all?

How many people are actually going to choose the Dad Bod over the Chad Bod, honestly, in real life, without the Dad Bod being an extremely famous/powerful guy?

Nobody will if they A) have the choice, and B) are being honest.

Once again, the clothes come off.

The first girl stuck with her choice of the 12-13% body fat guy. When asked why him over the 9% guy, she said “he’s bigger in size”. Which objectively isn’t true from a muscular standpoint, so if she’s talking about height then that skews the results a little, as the dude is a couple of inches taller.

The other girl struggled to choose between the two leaner guys – around 6% and 9% or so.

After touching the super-shredded guy, she went with 8-10% body fat like the previous two girls.

The Third Pair

Again, it looks like they both chose the 12-13% guy with clothes on.

Then with shirts off, both of them went with the 8-10% guy.

There’s the pattern.

If you want the ideal male physique, you’re going to need broad shoulders, and somewhere between 8-13% body fat depending on your height, muscle mass, genetics etc.

None of them chose the super-shredded guy, although a couple were thinking about it.

Not ONE even came close to thinking about the two heavier guys.

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