The Pull Up Domination Program

Pull Up Domination

Get To 20+ Pull Ups!

Does it frustrate you that you can only do 5 pull ups? Or perhaps just 3? Or worse, zero?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bang out 20+ reps in one set, without cheating, and without using ANY momentum?!

Well I’m here to tell you that it’s 100% possible for you, and if this is your goal, then you’re going to absolutely love this program.

Whether you’re brand new to lifting weights, or you’ve been training for years, this program has been adapted to suit the experience level of the user.

Whether you’re 25 or 55, the techniques and strategies in this program WORK. The only difference for older guys is that you may have to be 10% stricter on your diet and sleep than the 25 year old will.

So why listen to me?

I’ve been training for almost 11 years now, and struggled for a long time with pull ups. Partly because I wasn’t lean enough. Partly because my back (especially my lats) were not developed enough. I also lacked movement specificity, and didn’t have enough specific ‘assistance exercises’ in my routine.

But now?

I can indeed do 20 pull ups, WITHOUT cheating (like 99% of men do).

In this program, I’ll be sharing everything that worked so well for me.

Why 20+ Pull Ups?

Because this is the number where men have developed the most elite v-taper, and have rippling six pack abs.

Now, these things may not necessarily be your goals right now, but at least following this program you will work towards that. Maybe you’ll be satisfied at 15 pull ups. Who knows.

But 20 is where the real top physiques are.

And a couple of other major benefits you’ll derive from following this program:


  • You will build the ‘Adonis Look’, which is the most attractive look a man can have (a shoulder to waist ratio of 1.61)
  • You will get leaner out of necessity, meaning six pack abs, obliques and the Adonis Belt all on display
  • You will notice enhanced vascularity, especially in the arms and shoulders
  • Your biceps will grow (there is significant bicep assistance work in this program)
  • Your core strength will skyrocket (through the sheer amount of pull up volume, core accessory work, and pull up accessory work)
  • You will have functional strength, that’s useful and applicable to real life situations that require strength


Most bodyweight programs are very basic, and will only take you up to a basic level of competency.

What they don’t include, is specific pull up assistance work (using the pull up bar), that will MASSIVELY increase your pull up strength, even if you can’t do a single pull up, and dietary advice for fat burning (which makes all bodyweight work 10x easier).

The specific pull up assistance work is critical.

Even if you cannot do a single pull up right now, these exercises will train your lats, rhomboids, core, and rear delts, and prime them ready for action.

Within weeks of practising these exercises, you’ll be well on your way to banging out tons of reps on the pull up bar.

I can’t stress how important these movements are.

They will train all the required muscles, even if you can’t do many pull ups right now. But not only this, they train you to do pull ups WITHOUT momentum, and WITHOUT cheating.

It Gets Better

Oh yes, it gets better.

The great news is that:

A) This is a home workout program that is ‘lockdown friendly’, meaning you do not need to have access to a gym to follow this program.

B) The only equipment you need is a pull up bar, and then either dumbbells or kettlebells or suitcases that you can fill with heavy stuff.

So it’s a home workout, AND it’s extremely minimalist.

Fitness has never been easier.

So here’s what you’re going to get overall when you purchase Pull Up Domination:


  1. The Pull Up Domination Program – A 5 month training program to the ‘Adonis Physique’
  2. The Pursuit Of The Adonis Ratio – A ‘quick success guide’ on how to use the program effectively
  3. Three week training cycles that build upon themselves, and add progressive resistance to your workouts
  4. A heavy focus on building up your back muscles, using a variety of exercises
  5. Fat blasting cardio after each lifting session, to help build endurance AND burn the fat (making pull up success far easier)
  6. AMRAP sets for most workouts, which will become more difficult as your competency level increases
  7. Links to videos for the correct exercise technique for each exercise


PLUS, on top of all this, you’re going to get the following bonuses:


  • The IFFT Podcast “How To Sleep Like A Lion” – which will really help you to maximise your recovery from each training session. This podcast is highly comprehensive, and is almost a book summary of the ‘Sleep Like A Lion’ book. You’re getting all this for FREE.
  • A One-Off Email Consultation With Me – you can ask me any questions you like, and have a whole week to ask as many questions as you like following your purchase. Treat this as some free coaching, where I give you extensive replies to your questions, and will genuinely be trying to help you to reach your goals. Again, this is FREE coaching, and I normally charge $397 per month for coaching services.


So overall this is a pretty solid deal for you.

On top of all of this, you’ll also get a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product, no questions asked. That’s how confident I am that you will get the most out of this program.

I’m here to help men around the world to get the Adonis Ratio, improve their self-confidence, and improve their long-term health & energy. And I’m open and transparent about this.

Pull Up Domination will be released on the 11th April. After this date, the price will shoot upwards, almost doubling, so it’s best to get in now while it’s cheaper.

Once you purchase, you will have immediate access to the bonuses – the IFFT podcast, and the free email consultation.

Then the program will be sent directly to your email on Sunday 11th April.

I’m excited about this. I hope you are too.

If you’re ready to get on board with this and make HUGE changes to your physique, pre-order Pull Up Domination below: