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Alpha Male


Everybody wants to be an Alpha Male. An Alpha Male, contrary to popular and misguided belief, is not necessarily the biggest, loudest and most violent guy in the room. Quite often this is the guy who has zero emotional control and ends up getting his ass thrown in jail. Not very smart, not very Alpha.


Rather the Alpha Male of the 21st century has the positive traits associated with the guy in prison, without the negative traits. The positive traits are:


  • Masculine
  • Brave/courageous
  • Confident/dominant


However, he has also ascended to a new level, required for a life of freedom in the 21st century, with other, less obvious positive traits:


  • Extreme levels of emotional control & coolness under pressure
  • Highly intelligent
  • Charming


Equipped with the “old-school” Alpha traits, and also the “modern-school” traits, the modern-day Alpha really is the full package. He is a dying breed unfortunately, but this makes him all the more valuable in a world choked by Beta’s.


Maximise Your Masculinity To Become An Alpha Male


The baseline requirement you need to meet in order to become an Alpha Male is that you are masculine. There is no such thing as a feminine Alpha Male. Doesn’t happen. You can be a feminine dude and still be very confident, intelligent and charming, but you’re not an Alpha. You will always eventually submit to the will of other people, and stray away from your long-term goals and mission.


In order to become masculine, the gym is an absolute requirement. I don’t think this was necessarily the case many years ago, but for a variety of reasons, lifting weights and losing body fat are both mandatory, whether you like it or not.


In terms of lifting weights, you want to gain around 20 pounds of muscle (or so), depending on your height and build. If you’re 6’4 and skinny, you will want to build more than this. Boasting broad shoulders, thick traps and a wide back will all make you look more masculine.


In terms of fat loss, it’s hard to be masculine if you have high body fat levels. Your biology, sepcifically your testosterone and estrogen levels are fighting against you every step of the way.


Here’s the kicker that many guys aren’t aware of:


Even if you aren’t a chubby guy, you should still seek to get below 12% body fat. As you are sat reading these words, you are probably holding more body fat than you think you are, and would benefit tremendously from getting below 12% body fat. If you’ve never done it before, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.


Here is a list of the benefits of getting lean:


  • It makes your physique look miles better
  • It shows you that you’re capable of anything you set your mind to
  • It makes your face look very masculine
  • Women will love you
  • Men will respect you
  • ALL clothes instantly look better on you
  • It will instil a winners mindset within you
  • It will bring far greater abundance to your life


Gaining muscle and losing fat also both train you to have a masculine mindset, so it’s not just the external, it’s also the internal. Both require long-term strategic planning, high levels of discipline and learning through trial and error. Both require consistency, rather than cyclical behaviour.


You will never achieve any level of success in either if you can’t stick to a training or diet plan. You must be consistent, which is one of the hallmarks of masculinity.


Alpha Male


Drive Your Dominance Through The Roof


In order to become an Alpha Male, dominance is non-negotiable. You must be very strong, very confident and very courageous. You must also have an incredible force of will to overpower the challenges you will face when pursuing your dreams.


But dominance IS NOT the same as domineering, as that’s Beta behaviour disguised as Alpha. Examples would include:


  • The guy who constantly gets angry when his girlfriend doesn’t do as “she’s told”
  • The guy who is constantly jealous of other people
  • Who tries to control others
  • Who always has to be right, 100% of the time
  • Who is needy
  • Who moans and bitches all the time
  • Who tries to guilt trip people into doing things
  • Who threatens and issues ultimatums
  • Who loses his cool easily and is easily angered


All of the above is neediness in some way, shape or form, which is absolutely 100% weakness.


You want to avoid the above at all costs if you want to become an Alpha Male. Although the angry, controlling guy may appear to be stronger than a subservient, compliant Beta, the very core thoughts and feelings come from the same place – weakness.


Instead, be dominant over your own goals and your own life. Never over other people. Domineering over others is actually the anti-thesis of happiness in the long-term, it’s literally the polar opposite. It always results in drama, conflict and negativity. Always.


Dominance over your own life requires dominance over yourself. This means self-discipline and emotional control. Mr. Angry All The Time has neither.


To become a dominant Alpha Male, you need to:


  • Set personal long-term and short-term goals, and pursue them like there is a gun to your head
  • These need to be financial, career, fitness, lifestyle and women goals, not just one or two areas
  • Focus on these goals 80-90% of the time – this alleviates (or solves) all of the above negatives weighing down Mr. Angry All The Time And Easily Triggered Over Nothing
  • Stop focusing on other people all the time
  • When you do focus on other people, add value to their lives whenever possible (this is where charm comes in)
  • If they stop adding value to yours, reduce (or eliminate) contact (this is where intelligence & common sense comes in)


Dominance primarily comes from achieving your most important goals in the key areas, as per above. Humans are goal-seeking organisms, especially Alpha Males.


Getting the physique you had only ever dreamed of is the best way to become more dominant. It is the best way because fitness is 100% within your control. Nobody can stop you from gaining a load of rock-hard muscle and getting shredded. Nobody can prevent you from possessing an Achilles-like physique.


When you have attained the Greek God status, you automatically become more dominant.


Acquire Impossible Levels Of Abundance


Alpha Male


The best way to gain more abundance in your life is to improve your income, without question. But second to this, is transforming your appearance. Money leads to more resources, more opportunities and more control over your own time if you’re smart. Maximising your appearance leads to abundance with other people.


If you want to be an Alpha Male, you need to get good in both areas. You need money and looks. Both will increase options, pathways and open doors which were previously inaccessible.


In terms of looks, you don’t need to be exceptionally handsome, but you do need to look masculine, which comes from gaining muscle and losing fat, and be well dressed (or dress “cool”). Being handsome on top of all this is of course a bonus.


Get good in both areas, and the world is yours for the taking.




The modern-day Alpha Male has all of the typical positive traits, without the short-temperedness, neediness and drama of what is commonly perceived as “Alpha” behaviour, which really isn’t Alpha at all.


The positive traits include:


  • Masculine
  • Dominant (over himself and his goals)
  • Courageous


With the modern additions of:


  • Emotional control and being cool as ice
  • Intelligent
  • Charming & socially sharp


This tends to lead to abundance over time.


Aim to get good in the above 6 areas and you will become an Alpha Male, and experience the increase in energy, relationships, fitness, productivity and overall life quality that he does.


It’s there for the taking.




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