FINALLY! How To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time

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Gain muscle and lose fat

Oh, it’s the grand-daddy question of them all. All of us want to gain muscle and lose fat, and we want it immediately.

The reality is that muscle looks good. I’m not talking Ronnie Coleman freak-show kind of muscle, but none of us are ever going to have a third of what we has, so looking like a monster isn’t a valid fear.

A more valid fear for the vast majority of guys is going to be looking to weak or too skinny overall, especially the taller, longer-limbed folks. Skinny arms, legs and a flat chest are the norm in this case.

Low body fat also looks good, especially when combined with a decent muscular base. In fact, when you have low body fat, it’s not just your abs that are revealed (which most people focus on). It’s also your shoulders, chest, back, and FACE which completely transform in terms of sharpness, and simply looking more aesthetic.

In my opinion, the facial transformation is probably the most worthwhile for most people (exceptions are if you already have a longer, leaner face).

So how exactly does the average person go about achieving this transformation?

First thing’s first: You have to make this an absolute priority in your life. It’s simply not going to work if you’re stressed out all the time, or you’re trying to grow a business, or travel the world or something like that.

You HAVE to commit to this kind of thing, because you’re technically trying to improve two things at once, which isn’t optimal for any ONE thing.

Most guys on Twitter who ask me this kind of question just aren’t serious enough to pull it off. They’re the kind that justify eating junk food, not eliminating sugar, and eating breakfast on the weekends. It won’t work if you won’t commit.

So make this a priority, and stick to it.

Secondly, you’re going to need to get your diet absolutely spot on. There’s very little margin for error if you’re going to successfully pull off a body re-composition (simultaneous muscle gain and fat loss).

It means kicking out alcohol – weekend drinking will ensure that you fail on this mission. It also means minimising sugar.

And all of this needs to be done within the context of Intermittent Fasting – which will allow you stay full as you continue to lose fat and reveal your abs – fat loss on autopilot. It’s going to be difficult to achieve anything impressive (in terms of leanness) if you’re hungry all the time.

If you want to get this entire eating system tailored to you (the closest thing to a guaranteed 10% body fat ), then check out this IF meal plan.

Thirdly, your training also needs to be spot on. Which means the stimulus is intense, and is enough to create muscle growth, but not so much that you can’t recover. This essentially means that your training volume needs to be on point.

A good range for muscle growth without overtaining for most muscle groups is going to be 8-22 sets. The best training cycles will start off towards the lower end, and gradually build up as your body adapts. For the best full body training program for ‘older guys’, check this out. For younger guys, check this out.

Finally, sleep is also a critical factor that needs to be addressed. If you’re sleeping less than 7 hours, you’re simply not going to recover fully from all that intense lifting, and your cravings for sugar (and excess calories) will also be higher. It’s a double-negative-whammy.

The more sleep, the better. 8-9 hours is going to really help you. I know this sounds like a lot, but I’m not joking. Don’t be like the excuse-makers, and get it done.

I hope you’re starting to get the overall message?

Everything needs to be on-point, as there’s such little room for error when you’re trying to have the best of both worlds.

And if you want the closest thing to a guarantee to muscle gain and fat loss at the same time, and making a radical change to your physical appearance in less than six months, then check out my coaching options. Monthly coaching is only $97 per month.


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