Skinny Students – How to Gain Muscle


For those of you who “can’t” gain muscle or are struggling to do so, this one is for you.

Gain Muscle

The main reason is due to a small appetite. Specifically, a small appetite relative to your calorie requirements to grow.

So yes there is often a small hormonal element to the issue, meaning your body burns calories at a slightly higher rate than a lot of other people, and makes it more difficult to grow. But whichever way you look at the problem, the solution is to eat more.

In order to eat more consistently, we need to consume as many non-satiating calories as possible.

We need a strategy that will prevent us from becoming full and allow us to easily consume lots of calories. This is the only way you will get enough in on a consistent basis.

Lots of guys are perfectly capable of eating more than enough for a day or two, but muscle building is a long, slow process once past the one year mark. Therefore, we need this to be a long term, sustainable strategy.

Here are the main tips for those of you who are looking to gain muscle, but are struggling not due to lack of effort in the gym, but due to insufficient caloric intake:

  • Stop focusing on consuming SO MUCH protein! You only need 0.7-0.8 grams per pound of bodyweight if you’re in a calorie surplus! So that means if you’re 150 pounds you only need approximately 105-120 grams of protein per day. The protein industry is a scam. Protein does provide the building blocks yes, but you don’t need that many bricks to build at the fastest rate humanly possible!! Now your protein has been reduced, you will be less full all the time. You now have more room for carbs. These are more easily consumed, especially if they taste half decent. Less protein and more carbs means less feeling full all the time.

Trust me, you’re wasting your money big time on all these protein supplements as firstly, they won’t make you gain muscle any faster. Secondly, they prevent you from consuming enough total calories, which is the most important factor within your diet. So they are making you lose out on potential gains! MADNESS!

  • Consume sweet, high carb liquid calories. These will go down easily, and will make life easy when trying to hit your calorie goals.
  • Don’t do Intermittent Fasting. Make sure you are eating throughout the day, maximizing the eating window. Have plenty of small, calorie dense snacks throughout the day. If this means eating a bit “dirty”, go for it.
  • Avoid caffeine like the plague. This means no pre-workouts or coffee. Caffeine will blunt your appetite, causing you to consume less calories on average and therefore prevent you from gaining muscle.

In the future at some point, I will provide you with a specific plan for an average day if you are someone who struggles with a small appetite or fast metabolism, whichever term you prefer to use!

The main takeaway, which took me YEARS to realise, is that the protein industry is a scam. This is important for everybody to realise in order to make gains, but even more crucial for those of you who are skinny and are in a calorie surplus.

Less protein and more tasty carbs leads to more calories consumed over time, which is pivotal in your quest to getting bigger and stronger.

The only time where the protein industry and its recommendations sometimes aren’t a scam, is when you have:

  • A very lean individual
  • Who is also looking to get leaner
  • And additionally has a very large appetite naturally, relative to his body’s energy requirements (“slow metabolism”)

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