Students and Bulking

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For those of you at university and are looking to bulk up, listen up.


I’m writing this under the assumption that you are struggling to gain muscle, and therefore taking in more calories is a priority for you. If this doesn’t apply to you, then this may more appropriate.

Most young guys tend to put in the required effort in the gym (especially if they have training partners and/or there are girls nearby), but fail with the other 80% of the equation, your diet. No calorie surplus = no gains.

Food is therefore of critical importance for the lifter trying to bulk up, and I personally know many students who struggle to eat enough. Consuming enough calories is all about creating the right habits, and it’s just a matter of consistent effort over time.

I used to be your classic “under-eater” throughout my teens and was always a skinny guy, but managed to successfully turn this around when I started lifting, as I realised how crucial food is for muscle growth. So it’s perfectly possible to change your appetite permanently, anyone who argues otherwise (and doesn’t have a serious medical condition) is simply lazy.

With this in mind, I would argue that the number 1 most important thing you can do is to start eating earlier in the day. For students, this means making sure you get a decently sized meal before you head off to uni. Preferably, this would be a high carb, tasty meal. Avoid having coffee, as this is only going to blunt your appetite, making your life unnecessarily difficult.

Cereal, toast and fruit are all great choices, certain foods like porridge may be too filling for some though, so it’s up to you to find out what works best. I would also recommend gradually increasing the portion size over time. Increasing your calorie intake earlier on in the day is SO IMPORTANT, and will set you apart from the rest. Most guys do pretty well in the evening, but struggle earlier on.

Don’t be like the rest.

Also if you tend to struggle in the morning, avoid getting completely spangled on nights out. Have a few drinks by all means, I love drinking, but if you have a nasty hangover you’re just exacerbating your appetite problem.

Another important tip is to take high calorie snacks with you to uni. These could be in liquid form, but things like nuts and cashews are also great. It’s really easy to munch on these all day and get yourself into a calorie surplus.


Guys, you don’t need them. Stop wasting your money. You’re a student, you can’t afford this crap!

The whole industry is a scam. If you want to get bigger, all you need to do is train hard and eat more food. Let’s look specifically at that second part.

Does eating more food require protein powder? 

Ummmm no.

Does eating more food require weight-gainers?

No. Food will do the same. Focus on liquid calories – milk is awesome and cheap.

Yeah but they worked for me in the past – I gained loads of size off weight-gainers.

My point is this: Yes, they may “work”, but you could have had the EXACT same results for 1/3 of the cost you muppet! If you want to look like the guy advertising these weight gainers, you probably need to purchase some dianabol #breakfastofchampions.

Does eating more food require pre-workouts?

Taking pre-workouts is probably the worst thing you could possibly do if you struggle with your appetite. Such a waste.

Just focus on consuming more carbs as you really don’t need that much protein. Carbs are nicer (generally) and won’t fill you up as much, gram for gram, calorie for calorie. Therefore, by dropping protein a bit you will end up consuming more total calories, whilst still getting enough protein, which isn’t difficult at all when bulking.

To summarise, any sweet, liquid calories will be your best friend. This doesn’t involve splashing loads of cash on supplements, and if you consume them throughout the day you will soon find yourself gaining muscle very quickly. Put the effort into eating more in the morning and the results will come over time, trust me.

Follow my advice re supplements and you will also be £3000 richer in 5 years time…you’re welcome.

Enjoy the gains! 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Students and Bulking”

  1. What’s your take on sugar? Should I add eat some crappy food on the days where my appetite isn’t enough? I guess this is where health conflicts with aesthetics.

    1. Yeah it’s a grey area. If you are one of these guys who really struggles to eat more, it could be a temporary solution for a few weeks whilst you get used to the extra calories. I wouldn’t recommend it long term though.

      So if all else fails, yes eat some junk. But you need to always be gradually pushing it in terms of other “cleaner” food sources i.e milk, almonds, cheese whatever goes down easily (and still has nutritional value).

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