Stop Wasting Your Money On Supplements!


Supplements – the biggest waste of money for men in the 21st century. Women are a different story, don’t we all know! It’s laughable really what people waste money on. But guys love protein shakes that DO NOT IMPROVE RESULTS.


Bodybuilding supplements are the male equivalent of shoes and handbags. Complete waste.

Supplements don’t do anything. Anyone selling you supplements is doing it purely for sales purposes, and they are playing off your insecurities about not having a good enough physique. Food, water and sleep is all that 97% of you will ever need.

Protein powder is expensive. Weight gainers are expensive. Fat loss supplements are expensive. They don’t provide you with anything extra! The super-ripped guy you associate these supplements with is on more than just supplements!

Coffee will meet your fat loss needs just as effectively as any supplement. Meat is just as good as a protein shake. Easily consumable carbs are just as good as weight gainers.

When you look at the prices of these supplements, calculate how much you spend per month and per year on all supplements combined, you will find that you will save tens of thousands, yes TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds over the course of your fitness career.

Creatine is a good, cheap supplement generally, but appears to become less effective with time. Studies also back this up, with the only significant strength increases from consuming creatine being seen in beginners.

Apart from creatine, the only good supplements that actually end up doing anything inevitably become banned at some point. This is normally due to their ingredients containing drugs. Think back to the days of Jack3d, Ephedrine, ECA etc.

So not only are drugs prevalent, but also the industry isn’t honest. Great. By all means if you want to take drugs then I couldn’t care less, go ahead. But companies lying about what is in their product isn’t cool.

The only people who might be ok spending their hard-earned cash on supplements are:

  1. Guys who have plenty of monthly cash left over, after meeting their financial obligations, and also are hitting their savings and investment goals comfortably.
  2. Guys who meet number 1 and are also very, very busy, therefore the convenience factor is a legitimate consideration. Even then I would be cautious.
  3. You have a dietary imbalance that cannot be sorted out through food – and a doctor has recommended supplements. Fish oil and vitamin D3 can be useful here for many people.

Guys who are below the age of 30 are very unlikely to meet criteria number 1, so younger guys, please stop wasting your money!

Even guys who do earn a good income and are investing at least 10% of it, the only time you should be consuming shakes is if you’re working 50+ hours per week. It goes without saying that hopefully this won’t last much longer than a few years, as working 50+ hours a week for the rest of your life is a guaranteed path to misery.

Stop wasting money.


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2 thoughts on “Stop Wasting Your Money On Supplements!”

  1. Could it be argued that protein shakes, if people had to choose one, are the one supplement that is needed the most? Despite the cost, protein shakes may be a hook because many people realise that they are not calorie dense at all and may create this false illusion of “staying ripped whilst gaining muscle because I’m drinking a protein shake that contains 130kcal” and so this could be another angle that people look at it from?

    1. Ah, but chicken (and a whole host of other meats) will provide the same, low calorie/high protein qualities that shakes provide.

      The only benefit shakes have over food is convenience. My main point is that very few people actually require this, and are drinking shakes out of laziness more than anything.

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