Your Life Will Improve 300% If You Stop Doing This




Your life will improve three-fold, if you stop being such a sheep. This is not a joke. Most people are idiots. If you copy their:


  • Food choices
  • Sleeping habits
  • Relationship lives
  • Training (or lack of) decisions
  • Career plans


then your life will completely suck.


Most People Are Overweight


Most people are making insufficient money; they need more to live the life they want. I’m not talking about the Keeping Up With The Jones’ crap. I’m talking about things that all people need; a decent place to live, good travel on a semi-regular basis, good hobbies, a decent social life, and plenty of fun, recreational activities. Also a lack of debt. Most people fall apart here. Because they need more money. 


Even if you’re a Socialist and you secretly hate money (and ‘rich people’), you have to admit that you can’t follow the herd when it comes to career and money – you’ll be unhappy to some degree if you do.


Most people have truly horrendous relationships. Most people have a binary approach; it’s either lonely and single, or in a super-serious committed relationship where drama, cheating, arguments, resentment and taking eachother for granted is the norm. Middle ground somewhere? No, don’t be silly. Extremes for the win! (chuckle).


Even if you’re a traditionalist, you have to admit that the ‘traditional’ way of doing things, and hence, following the herd, is an extremely high-drama and high-problem way to approach relationships. If you continue down the traditional route, you will have serious problems.


Most people are overweight. Most people are over 20% body fat. I don’t need to explain to you why this is bad, not only for health reasons, but also self-confidence, appearance, happiness etc.


Even if fitness isn’t that important to you (which I hope it is if you’re reading this blog), you have to admit that following the herd with fitness is going to cut your life short, and hence, is a very bad thing to do.





“That’s Just How Things Are”


You hear it all the time.


‘Because that’s what’s normal’ OR, ‘Because that’s just how things are/were back in my day’.


Usually, statements like these are justifications for madness. They’re nothing but rationalisations for living a sub-par life. I hate them. I truly detest them. Do people not possess the ability to think independently? Apparently not, and it’s sad.


When someone gives me relationship advice, and I have ‘the cheek’ to ask them how that worked out for them (knowing full well it works terribly), and the response is:


“W…w…w…well, that’s just how things are, and this is the way it should be”


You might as well just ‘BAAAAAAAAA’ in my face. 


You’re a sheep.


Societal norms come and go. Some of them are good, like driving on the same side of the road as everyone else. If we didn’t do this, we’d all die. Some of them, like the ones above, are absolutely horrendous on an astronomical level. Some of them, no matter how ‘normal’ they seem now, will be analysed by people in 300 years time and they will conclude, like myself, that these behaviours are completely retarded and unnecessary.


Instead of being sheep, why don’t we look at a situation, and if it clearly isn’t working, fix the f***er. I don’t care if other people are morons. Let them be morons. If something is making you fat, miserable, high-drama, resentful, upset, frustrated, poor etc. then a fantastic thing to do would be to stop doing it!


This approach to eating is making me re-bound over and over and over again, but I’m so emotionally compelled to it, brainwashed by the marketing, and addicted to the rapid water loss, that I’ll keep going round and round in circles like a mindless little hamster anyway.




This approach to finances and career is leaving me desperately in need of more travel, a nicer kitchen, better gym equipment, nicer meals out, and more freedom.




This approach to relationships is leaving me under-sexed, constantly arguing, constantly cheating or being cheated on and heartbroken every 2-3 years.




Stop being a dumbass.


Stop being a sheep.


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