Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

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This is generally one of the main causes of unhappiness, at least in Western society.

Comparing yourself to others in regards to material possessions, income, net worth, family, wife, kids, physique, strength etc will lead to unhappiness, or at least will do at some point in the future. This is regardless of your personal progression and success.

Stop comparing yourself to others
Success = Compare yourself to yourself

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others and examining your shortcomings (there will always be some), then you will always be chasing happiness.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t have goals. But I believe that your goals have to be personal to you, nobody else, and preferably should not be materialistic for the most part.

All guys seem to do this, and I understand as we’re competitive by nature but comparing yourself to certain YouTubers is pointless. Drugs and genetics come into the mix and there’s nothing you can do about it.

As long as in the long run you are consistently either:

  • Losing body fat
  • Gaining muscle & strength (with minimal fat)

Then that’s brilliant. You are better than you were before. Don’t compare yourself to guys who have elite genetics as you will never have these elite genetics and therefore will always be chasing happiness. It’s a harsh reality but it’s true. Appreciate how far you’ve come and look at where you were before you started!

The keys to consistent progression in regards to body composition are:

  • Either a consistent calorie deficit or a tiny consistent calorie surplus (depending on your goals)
  • Consistent progressive overload in the gym (without getting injured, which means high-volume training isn’t sustainable).

As diet is 80% of the battle as discussed here, being able to stick to your your diet is vital. This is a completely psychological issue that will be discussed in greater detail in the future. Obviously, if you apply some common sense,  everyone can physically lose weight, but run into hurdles emotionally. This is another topic for another time.

The whole social comparison phenomenon also applies to your income, your car, the size of your house etc. You don’t need to be a millionaire to be happy. It’s the same principle as the genetic elite on YouTube.

Your purpose needs to personal, i.e self improvement, rather than being relative to others.

Therefore, focus on improving YOURSELF. Start comparing where you are now relative to where you were in the past and stop focusing on what others are doing. You will feel fulfilled, trust me. Enjoy the process.




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2 thoughts on “Stop Comparing Yourself To Others”

    1. Yeah I think everyone does it to some degree, but sometimes if we use the wrong people to compare ourselves to we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment! Thanks!

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