How To Stop Binging




I’ve received a bit of stick in the past for being too much of a “pussy” with my dieting and fat loss advice. “Go hard or go home” is what they cry from their keyboards. To be honest, once you’ve made it a certain distance with fitness progress, you will need to go hard otherwise you won’t make any further progress. However, this is not only unnecessary for beginners, but it’s also actively damaging.


Where we run into problems with the “Go hard or go home” crap is that every single January, millions upon millions do this for their New Years Resolutions. We all know how that ends up. I see it as unnecessary suffering that can be cured. The “Go hard or go home” only works for a small percentage of the population, usually guys who have serious health problems or other serious incentives to make progress with fitness.


My goal is not to help the 5% of guys who are into fitness or want to get more into fitness. I want to help the other 95% too.


Now, I don’t recommend you be a complete wuss either. As always, somewhere in the middle is better, but this doesn’t appeal to people’s short-term emotional gratification. I have found a few guys who are a little more mature than that, luckily. No, instead, I recommend working hard and being disciplined, but not starving yourself or going low-carb.


Fitness Progression & Binging


Binging is a serious problem, and usually it’s brought about by people dieting too hard and depriving themselves too much. Sometimes there are external emotional problems which bring this on, but usually it’s self-inflicted.


Either way, binging can ruin an entire week of dieting progress. Most people in the corporate, 9-5 world tend to do really well with their diets Monday to Friday, then binge on the weekend. Constant up-and-downism, constant cycling, constant suffering.


Binging not only physically ruins your diet from an energy standpoint, it mentally screws you too.


“Oh shit, I’ll never look good.”

“Oh crap, I’m never going to sort my health out. I’m doomed to cut my life short.”

“Oh dear, I’m destined to look like a saggy potato on the beach for another year running.”


All of this self-doubt tends to trigger more binging in the future. The fear of failure leads to actual failure.


How To Stop Binging


Do not do the “Go hard or go home” as that will create binging. Don’t attempt 30 day fat loss “hardcore” programs either. These things just serve to perpetuate the problem of laziness and instant gratification we seem to collectively have.


You DO NOT build a great body in 30 days.


If you do manage to lose a tonne of weight in 30 days, you’re gonna gain it all back. Watch. A great physique is built through a fitness lifestyle. There are many ways to skins a cat, so there are many fitness lifestyle’s that can work. But the point is that a lifestyle is not forged in 30 days. Stop being scammed by people who play to your emotional weaknesses.


Don’t do any of the above. No. Instead, build the correct habits through daily targets. Have targets in the following areas:


  • Protein
  • Fiber (fruits and veggies)
  • Water
  • Cardio


This is far better for staying positive, disciplined and avoid binging. You can always increase the cardio and/or reduce the carbs once you’ve built some useful habits and gained some momentum.


The training equivalent of this is to learnt the correct form before jumping head first into a high volume routine and getting injured. I hope you can see the sense in this comparison.




Go hard or go home tends to damage people who aren’t already heavily into fitness and super-committed already. Starving yourself is like depriving a coke-addict from their cocaine (although admittedly not as extreme). Depriving yourself too much of something increases the value of whatever the source of deprivation is. Scarcity creates value. Acknowledge this reality, and stop falling into the scarcity trap.

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