Creatine – Primarily a Beginner’s Best Friend?


This post may be a little controversial, and “BroScience-ish”, but it’s something I’ve noticed with a lot of guys anecdotally.

As you may know, I am generally against supplementation for a variety of reasons. Namely:

  1. They’re generally a waste of money
  2. They generally don’t do ANYTHING, especially in the long run
  3. It’s mainly younger guys who are getting screwed over

Not good.


But creatine is an interesting one, because it is quite cheap, and it is thoroughly researched and seems to be quite effective. But we run into a couple of problems here. The research that’s actually carried out, is predominantly in untrained individuals.

That’s interesting. I wonder if researchers do this on purpose?

My “theory” is that creatine does indeed produce significant gains in newbies, especially if you have a diet that is lower in red meat consumption. However, when you progress into the Intermediate and Advanced stages, these changes are virtually non-existent.

Some of you may be thinking:

But surely that’s just because gains slow down after the newbie stage anyway?!

I agree that it could be the case, but for a given individual (me and several others), who used to experience a 10% increase in performance from a daily dose of 5 grams of good ol’ monohydrate, but now don’t see ANY difference whatsoever, I would speculate that it’s not just down to¬†experience.

It seems that creatine speeds up the beginner gains, whilst becoming ineffective for more experienced lifters.

Another issue is the fact that there are a large amount of non-responders, which means that creatine isn’t going to work for everyone. Guys, if monohydrate isn’t working for you, then it is VERY LIKELY that none of the other forms of creatine are going to work either.

Don’t fall for it!



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3 thoughts on “Creatine – Primarily a Beginner’s Best Friend?”

  1. This is probably true – creatine seems to have become less effective for me recently. I used to have huge spikes in strength, but nothing really noticeable anymore.

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