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As we should all be aware by now, supplements make up at the most 5% of the fat loss equation, if that. Steroids are another story, and steroids obviously work; very well.


Steroids work so well in fact, that an experienced weight lifter who has been lifting for a long time and has more or less hit his natural genetic limit, could then go on gear and gain a further 10+ pounds of muscle, without question, dose dependent.


Steroids work so well that they will allow a beginner to gain 18 pounds of muscle in 20 weeks without a proper training plan.


Supplements are not steroids. Supplements are supplements. Steroids are anabolic hormones; literally altering the biochemistry in your body.


Therefore, when you see claims such as:


  • Creatine
  • Protein supplements
  • Mass-gainers
  • Pre-workouts


which can get you “10 POUNDS OF ROCK-SOLID, LEAN MUSCLE IN 10 WEEKS!!!” then obviously this should be an immediate red flag, because what this is saying is that the above supplements build muscle at a faster rate than steroids do. Which of course, is complete nonsense.


Protein is just a macronutrient. I wonder, does chicken compare with testosterone and dianabol…?


Creatine is just creatine. Does it compare with human growth hormone?


Mass gainers are just calories + creatine. Does it compare with trenbolone?


No. Yet people are spending hundreds of pounds/dollars per month on these stupid supplements that give you a negligible increase in performance, and frankly they wouldn’t give you any increase if your diet was already spot on.


Are There Any Supplements I Recommend?


Here are the only times I would recommend taking any supplements whatsoever:


  1. When travelling abroad, and you know full well that your options for protein consumption will be severely limited. You will be out all day exploring, not focusing on food and nailing your macros, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared; forking out a fortune for a super calorie-dense, unhealthy meal out. In this case, protein supplements can be useful.
  2. You are a beginner, and you are a creatine-responder. In this case, you can go for creatine and possibly have slightly better noob gains.


Always remember though – supplements are not magic. They are just helpful under very niched and specific circumstances. Outside of that, they are just an outrageous waste of money.


Finally, if you would consider coffee (caffeine) as a supplement, then I would suggest having caffeine in the mornings to assist you during a fat loss phase. This will help you to:


  1. Have more energy
  2. Blunt your appetite


Both of which help with diet adherence.


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