Halloween & Staying Lean For Students

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How to stay lean on Halloween?

The past 7 days have been rough as hell for me in terms of diet and training. It’s been a blast in terms of socialising and having fun, but there is always a trade off.

When alcohol consumption goes up beyond a certain level (quite a low level for most), diet quality and training quality will suffer. Therefore your body composition will suffer.

Diet quality will suffer because even if you managed to equate calories, you would still be receiving less protein, quality carbs, fats and micronutrients, whilst replacing them with empty calories.

Happy Halloween! Sorry for the creepy pic 😉 https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeepersmedia/

So how do we minimise this damage, during times of high social activity and drunken fun?

  1. Replace your carbs or fat with the alcohol calories. Make sure you get enough protein first. Then you can look at replacing some foods with alcohol. This leads nicely onto numero dos:
  2. Eat your protein as early in the day as possible. Make sure it is fully digested before you start drinking. Otherwise you may be missing out on potential lean gainzzz, due to the prioritisation of alcohol for energy use later on.
  3. Keep it “Clean”. This basically means eat as many calorie dense foods as possible. Lots of fruit and veggies! This will ensure that you are full from your food. This becomes even more important when trading food for booze. Alcohol makes you hungrier (generally, although it depends), and food fills you up (assuming its not full of sugar!). Keep in mind that normally we are able to eat 20% crap and still maintain a great physique. This changes however, when you are consuming alcohol on a regular basis, even if only temporarily. We realistically need to swap the 20% crap and replace it with the alcohol, this means keeping our food intake very, very micro-nutrient dense.

You can’t have the best of both worlds! Not for any longer than a few days at least!

So if you equate calories, including your 20% junk food + alcohol calories, you will feel like utter dogshite. Add in a potential hangover and your training intensity will be horrendous. The stimulus will be useless. This is if you are committed and actually make it to the gym.

Also, you will be really, really hungry if you actually manage to do this, making it unsustainable for any longer than a handful of days.

So keep it clean, eat your protein requirements early in the day, and sacrifice mainly carbs (definitely the “dirty” ones), maybe some fats too!

Happy Lean Halloween! 🙂

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