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Cardio is a great tool for staying lean during a bulk, or to help you get leaner during a cut.

This is particularly helpful if you struggle with a large appetite.

If you struggle to eat enough food, I advise to to steer clear from cardio, and eat more easy-to-consume carbs (NOT PROTEIN FFS), protein will only fill you up!!

Muay Thai!

Cardio will firstly make you feel good (once it’s over), secondly make you consume more water, and thirdly forget about food all at the same time!

It’s magic! What’s not to like?

Those 3 above factors are all very important when in a calorie deficit, as they all help to reduce feelings of deprivation which can become overwhelming when dieting, leading to the typical yo-yo dieter that we see all around us.

Basically, all things being equal, cardio allows you eat more food for a given calorie deficit. So psychologically, you feel more satisfied as you get more carbs and fun stuff in the evening especially if you are Intermittent Fasting!

I do think that if you have a large appetite and struggle to get lean (or stay lean) then you are missing out, if fun regular cardio isn’t already a part of your routine!

Fun is the key here, in order for cardio to be sustainable. Quite often this can be sports, athletics, going for walks etc.

Then of course this needs to be balanced against your ability to recover. If your weight training really is pushing you to the max in terms of volume optimisation, then there will be no room for cardio. But, if you are progressing nicely without showing any signs at all of over-training or under-recovering, you are probably good to go and can add some fun cardio in. Just remember you are primarily a strength athlete.

Also, the health benefits are enormous. I’m not going to list them, when Google can do all that for you. But it will help us to maintain making gains for a long, long time.

Do some cardio and have fun! 🙂

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