ANNOUNCING: Foreveralphablog (Over 40’s Resource)

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Credit to Gage Skidmore:

Men Over 40 are going to be very pleased. I’ve literally just created/updated a new Facebook page called Foreveralphablog, specifically for Men Over 40.

There’s going to be a strong emphasis on topics like:

So it’s going to be really helpful for you if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, and you’re looking to improve your health.

OMAD is the most powerful Intermittent Fasting schedule out there for ‘older dudes’, from both a lifestyle/flexibility perspective and also a hormonal perspective. Things like HGH, testosterone and insulin all appear to benefit massively from this system.

My plan is to give you plenty of potential OMAD recipes and general ideas, plus tips on meal timing (around your training) etc.

Injury prevention is another major topic, as it becomes more of a danger as you age, and when you combine this with a higher risk of muscle loss, it can become a double-whammy if you’re unable to train for several weeks or months.

So my plan in this area is to give warm-up routines, stretching technique videos, dynamic stretches, and general preparation work to be done on both training days AND recovery days. The term ‘active recovery’ is more true for Men Over 40 than ever before.

And of course hormonal health is a MAJOR topic for guys who are fighting an uphill battle in regards to testosterone and growth hormone. So I’ll be offering a lot of testosterone tips, sleep optimisation advice, and HIIT workouts.

PLUS, I’ll be doing a ‘weekly roundup’ of the best Men Over 40 tweets for each week.

Can it get even better?

Yes – it’s all completely free.

So head over to my Foreveralphablog Facebook page right here, and click ‘like’ and ‘follow’. You’ll be seeing updates there very shortly, and if I get enough follower on there, it will become a major free Men Over 40’s resource over time.


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