In 10 Years, 50% Of Americans Will Be Obese

Men Over 40, OMAD


Obesity is getting pretty bad, in case you didn’t know.

Not only will 50% of Americans be obese in 10 years time, but according to this article, 25% will be ‘severely obese’ (which I didn’t even know was a term), defined by a BMI of over 35. This means that if you’re a man who stands at 5’10, you’re over 240 pounds (average muscle mass). And this is going to be 25% of the population in the states(!)

Frankly, it’s not just the US either; Europeans are almost as bad these days. A lot of the sedentary lifestyle, unnecessarily ginormous portions and junk food has seeped into the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, France, and most other places in Europe.

Not good.

Why This Is So Bad

It’s bad. It’s bad for you, and it’s a disaster for the society you live in.

With obesity, comes disease. Sure, there’s a timelag. But things like diabetes, CVD, cancer, heart attacks, PROBLEMS (essentially) are GUARANTEED to arise. Perhaps 20 years later, or 10 years later. Maybe only 1-2 years later.

But either way, the future for the economy and society is bleak, because an obese workforce is an unproductive and incompetent workforce, at least over the long-term.

And it WILL get worse, ultimately because the vast majority of the population simply doesn’t have enough of an incentive to change, until it’s too late.

It requires a heart attack and massive panic on the way to work one day, or a stroke at the wheel, in order for people to actually make the *click* in their brains and realise they need to lose A TON of fat or they are going to die, and their family and kids are going to be left stranded (A.K.A f***ed).

This lack of incentive to change means that demand for McDonalds, Dominos, and KFC is only INCREASING. The average male over the long-term, especially once he’s over 40 or so, is absolutely f***ed.

What YOU Can Do About It

Well you’ve got to look at what causes obesity, and then do the opposite.

Low activity levels combined with sugar and junk food, are very, very conducive to a long-term calorie surplus. And as I’ve said before, sugar is THE biggest cause of the long-term, consistent surplus of calories, because it makes you addicted to food.

If you can undo the damage of sugar, you’re halfway there. Life is now going to be a hell of a lot easier for you. The best way to undo the damage is to reset your taste bus with an extended fast – get the manual here).

Beyond undoing the damage from sugar, you’ve got to focus on getting your activity levels up, and calories down ASAP. Simple as that.

If you’re over 40, you’ll need an extra focus on stretching, mobility and recovery than a younger man will. You’ll also need a narrower eating window – check out OMAD (One Meal A Day), which is ridiculously good for immediate AND long-term weight loss for ‘older guys’. It’s a cracker for keeping your insulin low (critical for undoing obesity), HGH high, and you’ll enjoy it too. Long-term meal plans can be found here – it’s a small investment that may just save your life.

In terms of cardio, I believe it’s best to do DAILY walking if you’re currently obese. Walk A LOT. Then over time, you can transition into cycling, the jump-rope or sports. If you’re not obese, then technically you don’t even have to do any cardio, and your diet will do the work. But I recommend regular cardio for general health reasons.

Follow the above advice and COMMIT to it, like a do or die mission (which is it), then you’ll be 15% body fat with nothing to worry about, in absolutely no time.

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