OMAD: 90 Days Of Fat Loss

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OMAD (One Meal A Day) is a fantastic dietary strategy for Men Over 40 who are looking to get leaner, improve their health, and possibly even gain muscle.

If you’re unfamiliar with how OMAD works or you’d simply like more of an overview of how it can benefit your life, read this post where I talk about how it works.

Today, we’re going to do an OMAD case study.

In three months, Robert (43) made an incredible transformation and went from 208 to 174 pounds, and you can see his pictures in the link above.

Obviously, you can see a massive difference in his stomach and chest, but I’d also like to draw attention to the facial transformation – an often overlooked physical change you go through after losing significant weight.

The question is “how did he do it?”

I’ve said it before on Twitter, and I’ll say it again – mindset comes before everything. If you have the (false) pre-conceived notion that it’s ‘impossible’ to look good beyond age 40, then you’re setting yourself up for failure from the word ‘go’.

It IS false, and Robert is one of the dozens of guys who are proving it to be so on Twitter alone. I think a lot of this negative mindset is simply down to societal norms, and the fact that the vast majority of Men Over 40 are betas with Dad Bods who barely lift weights, drink loads of alcohol, and never take their diet seriously (and would rather make excuses).

So the first thing you’ve got to get into your head is that this is perfectly possible, as long as you’re willing to get serious and refuse to make excuses like the majority of our lazy population does.

Secondly, you want to ease yourself into the process if you want minimal hunger, energy and strength issues. This means specifically that during the first three weeks, you want to have a very small meal #1, as this will reduce hunger and prevent you from going overboard on crap at meal #2.

For meal #1, I suggest a protein shake with an apple. It doesn’t get better than that.

The OMAD Strategy

In terms of his actual strategy for losing this 34 pounds in three months (almost 12 pounds per month, holy crap!), he ate at 5-6pm, rotating between several meats:

I eat between 5 – 6 pm. I alternate between beef, chicken, pork and fish with different veggies and a piece of garlic bread. Usually a side of red seedless grapes as dessert.

Once OMAD has become a part of your lifestyle and your way of being (taking anywhere from three weeks to four months), you can progress onto what Robert’s doing above. Chicken, pork (provided you’re not also using loads of oil/cheese/eggs), fish and beef are all great meats to rotate between.

Just make sure you’re hitting your protein target with them – 150g+ of protein is a lot of meat.


Feel free to check out my Ultimate Guide To The OMAD Diet right here, for a detailed breakdown on how to use this diet to lose more fat, gain more muscle, and improve your health.

Doing OMAD is a very effective dietary strategy for fat loss, as it’s very hard to be in a calorie surplus if you follow this. Just make sure that you train hard on a solid lifting program such as the Bond program, and that you’re getting enough protein.

If you’re looking to find out the exact other meats I recommend, plus all the veggies, fruits and other foods, in the correct macronutrient combination for YOU as an individual, get an Intermittent Fasting meal plan.

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