Top 3 Fat Loss Tips – #46


Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss Tips – #46


Here’s today’s 3 top fat loss tips:


Master The Delicate Balance Between Cardio & Caloric Intake


When dieting, there is often the question of “how large should my calorie deficit be?”, followed by “how many calories should I be eating?” and then finally “how much cardio should I be doing?”


When calculating your daily maintenance calories, unless you are doing cardio every day, it may be easier to add cardio onto your maintenance after. I.e, your daily maintenance is about 2400 without cardio, however, on the days that you are more active, you raise this maintenance up to 2700 (or however many extra calories you burn).


The most important thing of course, is that you’re tracking everything. Once things stop working, you take note, and adjust. Either slightly more weekly cardio, or lower your calorie intake a little further.


Team 3DMJ have a great video linked above, talking about the best was to nail the balance between caloric intake and cardio when dieting.


Eat More Plants


Not only will this improve you health, as was the argument in the article linked above, but it will also make you feel fuller for longer. You also need to remove your sugar addiction. I know waaaaaay too many guys who eat plenty of healthy food, but still eat plenty of shite simultaneously. Gotta get rid of that sugar addiction man. It frees you up so much more.


I’ve written before in more detail about sugar vs carbs here.


Boost Your Motivation


If you’re really struggling on a diet and are on the verge of a binge and are struggling to control yourself, take some time out, calm down, drink a shit-load of water and breathe.


Then, read the above article, and remind yourself of where you want to be in the future.


There you go; 3 quick but incredibly useful fat loss tips for you. Try them and your fat loss results will improve – get to work.


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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