Top 3 Fat Loss Tips – #27


Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss Tips – #27


Here’s today’s 3 top fat loss tips:


Keep Your Goals Secret


This is an unusual one, and it’s something I’ve foolishly fallen for in the past. I’ve also seen many others fall for this, and maybe you do too. The post above talks about new research showing that telling everyone and his mother about your goals leads to a false sense of accomplishment, rather than making you want to hold yourself accountable.


For me personally over the past 3 years, my goals are set in stone and nothing can stop me from pursuing them. But years ago, it wasn’t always like that, and I was always more easily swayed by other people. If there is any chance you may be swayed from your fitness goals, keep them secret. There’s something powerful about keeping (positive) “secrets” with yourself.


Consider The Classic “Steak & Eggs” Combo


It worked for bodybuilders of old, and it will work for you too. Some tactics become slowly forgotten over time, and I think it can be useful to remind ourselves of them from time to time.


Get Creative With Your Meals


The above video by Paul Revelia is a guest video from a vegan bikini competitor. She gives some great examples of meal prepping with high protein and high fiber meals. So if you’re struggling for ideas, or struggling to hit your protein requirements or to get enough veggies in, this is a very useful video.


There you go; 3 quick but incredibly useful fat loss tips for you. Try them and your fat loss results will improve – get to work.


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