I Re-Gained 50 Pounds Of Fat And Feel Horrible! What Should I do?

Intermittent Fasting

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I’ve had quite a few messages on Twitter recently from guys who have had initial success with fat loss, such as losing 50, 60, 70 pounds, only to regain it all back again at a later date.


It’s great to lose so much weight – you feel better, you look better, people respond to you better.


Basically your entire life improves, which is awesome.


But then disaster strikes…


“I lost focus”, or “I was stupid”, or “I just couldn’t stick to it” (all messages I’ve had on either Twitter or by email), and it all goes to waste.


Big, and I mean, LIFE-THREATENINGLY BIG problem.


Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle & Losing Focus


This begs the question; the potentially life-saving question:


“What causes people to lose their focus on diets, and how can we avoid this?”


Big question.


With a big solution.


If you’re losing 50, 60, 70 pounds, then something’s clearly working. You’re burning the fat, blasting off the love handles, the man boobs, and you’re losing the puffy face. Nice. To be more specific, you’re successfully placing your body into a sizeable calorie deficit.


But then something happens to ruin all of this.


Your calorie deficit shrinks to zero. You’re now eating at maintenance.


Here’s why:


  1. Your calorie deficit was too big in the first place, rendering it long-term unsustainable.
  2. The dieting set-up (macros, food choices and eating timings) are too extreme and not enjoyable.
  3. You tried to lose a massive amount of weight in one go – not advisable.


My Intermittent Fasting Solution


Okay, here’s what I would do instead – and what you should do next time you try to lose weight.


Firstly, I would limit the size of the calorie deficit. You won’t sustain it if it’s too large. For most people I normally set the cap at 10%, but if you have a huge amount of weight to lose I’ll be flexible and allow you to go up to 15%.


This means that if your current maintenance calories are 3000, you are to go no lower than 2550 until your weight loss has stalled.


Otherwise you just end up pushing it too far and sentencing yourself to a fat loss death. Don’t push it.


Then in terms of the dieting set-up, Intermittent Fasting is absolutely the hands-down best way to stay fuller on less calories. Not only stay fuller, but also have more energy in the mornings, sleep better in the evenings, and have more flexibility and sustainability. Miles better.


The best way to stay fuller on fewer calories (and gain all of the other benefits) is to eat from 12pm to 6-8pm. So it’s a 6-8 hour eating window and 16-18 hour fast.


In terms of the macro set-up, it depends. But generally speaking, I would be keeping protein high, dropping carbs (and simultaneously cleaning them up BIG TIME), and making sure you get your essential fats.


Finally, I don’t think it’s advisable to lose 50+ pounds of bodyweight in one go. I would instead lose about 30-40 pounds at once. Then have 1-2 months at maintenance. Then lose another load of weight. Far more sustainable.


Level Up Your Fat Loss


Now if you really want to level up your fat loss, remove any distractions and have the decision-making process made for you, I can help.


If you want to know exactly:


  • What foods to eat
  • How many calories to eat
  • How much protein, carbs and fats to eat
  • When to eat all of this


In order to lose maximum fat for minimum effort, then I’m offering Intermittent Fasting meal plans specifially designed to help you achieve the above.


This is literally the shortcut to fat loss success being given to you.


It’s what I used to get from 17% body fat to 8% body fat and then maintain 10% year-round. It’s incredibly effective.


You won’t be re-bounding ever again if you successfully implement these principles.


This tailored IF meal plan is only:


£27! ($35)


Why’s it so cheap?


Because my most loyal readers are my most important, and I really want my top 10% guys to succeed. So I’m handing you the tools to get a similarly lean, muscular and chiselled physique as  myself for nothing.


But act now – you only have two weeks before the price goes up to at least $57!


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