I Don’t Care About Being Ripped. I Just Want Rid Of The Dad Bod.

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Men Over 40

The Dad Bod was popularised a few years ago by older females, who wanted to convince their ‘hubbies’ (usually Men Over 40) that it was ‘sexy’ to be mildly overweight, chubby, low muscle and low testosterone.

Pointing to celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio, Adam Sandler, and Chris Pratt – “Look, he’s chubby, cuddleable, and all the women LOVE him, me included!!!” they claimed, conveniently ignoring the enormous social proof and status that celebrities have.

Luckily, you guys have the ability to be logical, and when you see the ‘hawt guy’ in real life with a six pack, chiselled face and big muscles getting all the females, you think to yourself: “Hmmm…perhaps the gf/wife is full of shit.”

And you’d be correct.

Destroying Your Dad Bod

In order to ‘reverse’ the damage of the Dad Bod, you need to focus on three main areas:

  1. Lowering your body fat (number one)
  2. Gaining muscle mass
  3. Sky-rocketing your testosterone

As far as lowering your body fat is concerned, nothing new here; get brutally disciplined with your Intermittent Fasting routine, every day.

OMAD (One Meal A Day) is something I specifically recommend for Men Over 40, as it’s almost a guaranteed path to success. It’s insanely simple, and insanely effective for getting you into a calorie deficit and keeping you there.

Men Over 40 are having huge success with it, and the initial fears of muscle loss, or difficulty gaining muscle seem to be completely irrational. Here’s some extra tips:

  • Have loads of sparkling water with you throughout the day
  • Make damn sure you’re hitting your protein targets
  • Cycle the main meats you use for your one meal – variety is key

When it comes to packing on the muscle mass, you want to follow a proven strength training program that follows the basics, and focuses on progressive overload. The 007 program is a prime example of this. No consistent overload means no long-term muscle gain.

Beyond this, you want to especially be focusing on your shoulders, back and traps if you want more of a masculine look – almost the opposite of the ‘mirror muscles’. You can focus on high rep isolation movements for each muscle group in your ‘accessory slots’ on the 007 program, which come after the compound movements.

With testosterone, BOTH of the above will help tremendously. Everything improves with muscle gain and fat loss.

But beyond that, sleep is now your main factor. Sleeping 7 hours or more consistently every night will be a game-changer for you.

Also, make sure you’re getting enough of each vitamin for you (get blood tests). Vitamin D is going to be a big one for most people.


Within about three months or so, you will have developed a new routine, new habits, and your physique & testosterone BOTH will completely transform by following the above.

Now if you’re ready to completely transform your health, undo your Dad Bod, and look better than 95%+ of men in your age group, then check out my coaching options.

You get coaching calls, meal plans, training programs and complete accountability via Whatsapp. It’s almost your guaranteed path towards a lean 15% body fat (or leaner, if you wish to go further with it).


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