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Ripped guys


Clickbaitey? Yes. Don’t care.


It’s true though. There is one trait that I’ve noticed is demonstrably on the decline across our society as a whole. This trait is an absolute requirement to have any level of success with fitness. It’s more fat loss related than muscle gain related.


Most guys will be able to get big without it. But nobody, and I mean NOBODY will be able to get shredded without it. It’s that crucial.


The reason I say this trait is on the decline across society is a whole is because obesity statistics prove this:


  • In the UK, there has been a 15% increase in “obese” adults since 1993.
  • It’s a very similar trend in the US, with most states experiencing a 15-20% increase in obesity rates since 1990.


H O L Y     C R A P   !!!


We are fat as hell, as a society. Wow. So, what’s going on here? Why such an increase in aggregate body fat levels? Well there’s several things that people are doing to gain fat all the time. As always, I look at what fat people do, and then do the exact opposite.


So yes, the clues are in the above article.


How To Get Ripped


The best thing to do most of the time, is to do the opposite of what most people do. The overall theme of the Whitney article (linked above) was a complete lack of responsibility and accountability for her own actions. Everyone but her was to blame for her being obese. Does that sound slightly odd? Of course it does; it’s insanity.


So there’s your first clue for how to get ripped; take responsibility for your choices and accept that you are 100% in control, because you are.


In addition to this, there is often an argument presented that it’s all the “fast food restaurants’ fault” that people are overweight. I partially agree, in the sense that it doesn’t help. It’s not ideal. But at the end of the day, these restaurants just wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a demand for them. And you know why there’s a demand for them, don’t you?


Yep. Because people are too comfortable, too lazy, and they have no…


Emotional control.


The ONE trait that ALL ripped guys have a lot of, is emotional control. Fat people don’t have any. I’m sorry, but if you’re obese, you simply don’t have emotional control. You’re using food as therapy, and our bodies simply weren’t designed that way.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, getting ripped is very difficult. Your body is crying out for fuel, as it’s not getting enough. Pushing through these desperate pleas from your homeostasis-loving body requires a lot of emotional control. You have to be in control. There’s just no other way.


Emotional control is a very useful trait to have in general. In just about any interaction with other people, it’s useful. In meetings, with clients, with women, with your kids etc. Very useful stuff.


Again, there’s a lot of talk about suppressing your emotions being a terrible, evil thing (mostly from deluded Millenials who’ve been brainwashed by college/uni), but there is no arguing that it’s a requirement to get ripped. I mean, if you don’t suppress your emotions, you’re going to cave into your impulses and eat all that cake. Stupid. Again, emotions are great, but not when it comes to serious business and achievement. Leave emotions out of it and have some chuffing self-control.


Or, you could look at it as releasing them in another form. Maybe go for a walk, lift some weights, punch some bags etc. It’s a more productive way to distract yourself from food.


Whichever way you look at it, you need emotional control. Find your WHY, and practise the habit of controlling yourself.


You’ll thank yourself later 🙂


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