How Do Actors Get Ripped? The Truth…


Men Over 40


A while ago, I wrote an article on Hugh Jackman and how he, at age 45, got unbelievably lean for the Wolverine. We’re talking a legit 7-9%, depending on how much contouring & lighting work they did for him. Regardless, it was one impressive display, especially given his Men Over 40 status.


He is just one example of actors that got ripped for films. Others include; Daniel Craig in James Bond: Skyfall, Chris Hemsworth in Thor, Zac Effron in Baywatch etc.


Daniel Craig was 43 for the movie Skyfall, again, putting him into the Men Over 40 category. It’s yet another example of what is possible for older men in terms of body fat %. Gaining fat in our society is a choice, not an inevitability. Some other in-shape actors that spring to mind include Brad Pitt (mainly for Troy), Jason Momoa and Tom Hardy. Oh, and Vin diesel, who’s now 50 btw (Jesus!)


How Do They Do It?


Before you scream “steroids you dumbass!”, just calm down. Everyone loves to blame something external for their lack of progress. Yes, they probably all use steroids, and steroids of course will help.


But the title of this post focuses on the word “ripped”. Here’s where I have a problem with your objection. Steroids alone do not get you ripped. Steroids are anabolic drugs. I don’t care what people say – steroids tend to increase your appetite, increase your bloatedness and increase weight gain.


They do not turn you into a shredding machine, even “dry” substances such as Anavar. I’m not an expert, but I know enough about them to tell you this. Diet is what gets you shredded, not drugs.


Drugs may help a little, but they will not get you shredded. Diet is at least 85% of the equation when it comes to fat loss. Drugs don’t suddenly change the laws of Physics and render a calorie surplus meaningless; meaning, if you’re not in a deficit, you ain’t losing the damn fat.


What drugs definitely will do, is make you maintain all your muscle in a calorie deficit, and you may actually gain a tiny bit. But the point is, they don’t make fat suddenly melt off you. A calorie deficit does that.


So no, drugs are not the answer. What is the answer then?


Motivation & Discipline


Motivation and discipline get actors ripped.


There is a shitload of money in it for these guys, and if they don’t look a certain way, they aren’t going to get paid. Granted, they will gain more muscle than you will, in a far shorter space of time.¬†You just need to make sure you have longer timelines for your goals than these guys. If they gained a certain amount in 6 months, it will take you more like 2-3 years to gain the same. You’re all Men Over 40, but they have “assistance”.


But in terms of actual fat loss, you don’t have any excuses. They have to force themselves to eat less sugar, less calories, and sort their cardio out just like you. No magical substance will change any of this. The same old brutal rules still apply.


You need to adopt their mindset; how would your diet look if you “had” to get down to 10% body fat, otherwise you would lose your job (or at least that role), and a shitload of potential income? How would you change? How much more disciplined would you be? How much more power over your environment would you have?


My guess would be a lot.


These guys get shredded (or at least lean) due to their mindset, nothing else. Their muscle size is different. Their body fat is 85-90% due to diet, not drugs.


And do you know what all this means for you reading this? As a Men Over 40 dude, you are capable of getting ripped also. You probably don’t even want to get ripped. You may only want to lose 10-20 pounds of blubber. My point is that you are MORE THAN CAPABLE of whatever your goal is.




My suggestion is to firstly, find your WHY. What are the key reasons you are looking to lose weight. How will they benefit your life in a MAJOR way? What could happen if you don’t lose weight? How bad could the consequences be?


Your WHY may not be financial in nature like the actors above. But you need to find it, becuase these guys sure as hell have a powerful WHY. What’s yours?


Then, you need to get yourself into a calorie deficit, in a fashion that will be sustainable for you – be sensible.


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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