The TRUTH About Why You Are Fat – Part 1


Men Over 40


It’s a trend that’s growing. It’s getting worse year by year – our society as a whole is getting huge. Obviously this is a problem, and as most enormous problems, it has numerous causes. Some causes are huge macro-level things, whereas others are micro-level things that just make the existing problem a little worse.


I will do my best to outline these problems, and maybe you will be able to notice these in your day to day life, identify them, and figure out your own personal solutions. It’s important to remember that some of these things are being presented to you and you are subconsciously accepting them as “normal”. It’s up to you to dismiss these ideas and prevent them from controlling you.


Here we go:


Number 1 – The “It’s Ageing’s Fault” Excuse (Men Over 40)


You have now crossed the over 40 threshold, and it’s acceptable to gain weight. I mean, everyone else is, right, so it must be fine? Wrong.


Ageing is inevitable. Fat gain is a choice. I know loads, and I mean loads of men over 40 who are fairly low in body fat, almost as low as myself. Therefore, ageing = fat gain clearly doesn’t hold true.


You can eat that pizza or munch on that ice cream all you like, you know you’re lying when you tell everyone that life gets hard as you age.


Number 2 – We’re Lazy


We’re all lazy as shit.


Whether it’s the girl on Instagram receiving 397 likes (from drooling Beta’s) on the selfie she just posted, all whilst taking a dump in her bathroom and eating a bag of chips. Or whether it’s the group of guys who order a fat Domino’s take-away on a Friday night, we’re getting the results we want with zero effort.


This may be good for speed and efficiency but it’s terrible for your health, your work ethic and your overall attitude and sense of entitlement. Bad, bad, bad.


Years ago, the girl would have had to dress up, do her make-up, and leave the house to garner attention and approval from men. She would also have to pay very close attention to her diet too (and she intuitively know this!).


Years ago, the group of lads wouldn’t have had such unbelievably easy access to SO MANY fast food options. It wouldn’t be worth the hassle to access these years ago, forcing men to cook for themselves – less calories and more nutritionally-dense foods.


Now, not everyone is like this, obviously. But it’s a MAJOR and very obvious trend that is only getting worse over time. It doesn’t spell good things for our current teenagers and young adults in the future. It doesn’t exactly point towards a productive, healthy and high-growth economy (but that’s another topic).


Number 3 – Fat Acceptance Movements




“I can eat whatever I want (read: gain weight) and you should love me (read: worship me) no matter what.”


Correct. It’s your body, do what you want with it. Don’t complain when nobody does desire you, and you drop dead of a heart attack age 45.


It’s this entitlement and lack of work ethic again, not good. There is a definite theme here. It’s not a coincidence that people who take fitness very seriously, are not fat. The rest of society continues to gain weight, often attempting to “shame” those who try to improve.


“Don’t go on a diet – diets are for girls”


is an example you may have received in the past or may receive in the near future. Ignore.



Number 4 – Your Friends Gain Weight


This is the classic social conditioning. You see other men over 40 gaining weight; your friends, family, brother-in-law, cousins, work colleagues etc. so I guess it’s time to just throw our hands up in the air and claim:


“I guess this is just how it is – this is the way the world works and there’s nothing I can do about it!!!”




People in the 1950’s were not gaining 30 pounds as soon as they got married. A little weight, sure. Not this obscene amount. They weren’t attacking the fridge every five minutes, or ordering pizza’s every weekend. Women weren’t gaining 30 pounds after having a couple of kids. People weren’t choosing to stay on the couch all weekend instead of going outside and playing sports.


In part 2, I will go over a more difficult problem that a lot of otherwise successful older men face – food addiction. It’s a little more tricky to deal with compared to the above unnecessary problems.

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