The TRUTH About Why You Are Fat – Part 2


Men Over 40


Continuing on from part 1, I’m going to delve into some more reasons as to why we continue to grow in body fat, year by year. In part 1, I discussed four big factors, with laziness probably being the biggest one as it carries over into just about everything else we do.


Now I’m going to discuss food addiction.


Number 5 – Food Addiction


Men Over 40 are going to be heavily affected by this if they were brought up in an environment conducive to weight gain since the day they were born. They are going to be affected by this in ways that younger men aren’t. The sheer amount of time involved will have ingrained this addiction very strongly into their subconscious minds.


A great example of this is this article. He’s a great guy, very, very successful with most other things as he explains in the article, but still struggles with fitness. He’s also in the Men Over 40 category, and struggles with his diet specifically, as when you’re trying to lose weight, 80% of your results will be down to your diet.


I have a feeling some of you are either in the exact same position as him, or are in a similar position. This means you have been trying for years upon years to solve your fitness problems, but have continued to fail.


You lose a load of weight, but then gradually gain it back over time. This is because:


A) These diets always attempt to change too much at a given point in time (i.e remove an entire macronutrient).

B) Your psychology, mindset and attitude towards food is completely off from the word go – you’re destined to fail.


This is an over-simplified way of looking at the problem, but there is a three step plan of attack if this applies to you. If you’re looking at food from a scarcity mindset, you’re fucked from the word go. We need to change this into an abundance mindset.


Now, before you go “oh, but with that abundance mindset I just end up eating what I want and pigging out”, yes that clearly doesn’t work, so we’re going to throw in some caveats:


  1. You eliminate any current addictions/trigger foods from your diet
  2. You start Intermittent Fasting with coffee
  3. You start performing more cardio
  4. You start eating more veg


If you have been in the Fitness Game for a long time and are still failing to lose weight, you have an addiction. End of story. The best way to get rid of an addiction is to eliminate it cold turkey.


Now, that doesn’t mean eliminate everything. It just means eliminating sugar.


In terms of the rest of the food, what are you going to do? Eliminate everything? Starve yourself for 30 days and hope that that works? I think we both know how that will end.


No, you need to shift your mindset and your attitude towards food. An abundance mentality does work in the long-run, if you follow the above parameters. Sure, you’ll fuck up occasionally, but you will sustain any fat loss you actually achieve.


If you reduce your eating window from 14 (ish) hours down to about 6-8, you will manage hunger signals at least slightly better. If you couple this with coffee during the fasting period, you will not be hungry during the fasting period. I’m sorry, but if you are overweight and refuse to drink coffee, you’re missing out on major appetite suppression.


Even if you did gain an addiction to coffee, it’s an easy addiction to remove; a lot easier than your current, life-threatening addiction to food!! This is not an exaggeration by the way. Your life may not immediately be being threatened, but in 10-20 years it will be cut shorter than expected. It’s in your control.


Once you’ve narrowed that eating window, you can cram more and more veggies into that smaller gap. I don’t give a shit if you’re already eating plenty of veg. Eat more. I can guarantee that you need to eat A LOT MORE. Stop moaning about hunger/cravings and eat more veg. Accept that if you remove sugar, you’re going to have cravings, at least initially. Grow up, gain some willpower and push through. This is where finding your WHY is important.


After narrowing the window and cramming more veggies in, I want you to cram more cardio in. I don’t care if you’re already doing 30 mins – do more. You have an addiction, and you’re going to have to work your ass off to get rid of it. Other people don’t have to push as hard as this, but you do.


Doing one hour of morning cardio is boring as hell. Yep. You’re gonna have to work this addiction off. The magic of cardio is that it will take your caloric maintenance from 2500 (for example) up to 3100, thus granting you a hell of a lot of dietary freedom. Freedom requires hard work.


Once you have done the above four, you will have 6 hours (or so), after having done your morning cardio, consumed a couple of appetite-suppressing coffee’s and a crap-load of veg, to eat whatever zero-sugar food you want. Please, I beg you to try this. Good luck not feeling horrendously full (coming from an absolute pig by nature).


You won’t lose weight straight away. You will absolutely detest the taste of the food you’re eating. But after 2-4 weeks (or so), you will be:


A) No longer addicted to food

B) Permanently stuffed, and because of this;

C) In a sustainable calorie deficit


All of this applies specifically to Men Over 40, as you will have the strongest food addictions. Lots of you are willing to do one or two of the four points mentioned near the top of the page. But if you have a serious addiction to food, you need to do all fucking four at the same time. This is going to take hard work and a lot of willpower. You can do it.


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