Can You Indulge & Still Be Ripped?


Intermittent Fasting

A question (or really more of a statement) I received on Twitter not long ago, in response to me saying that getting drunk and eating cake is bad for fitness:

“I don’t believe you! Martin Berkhan says it’s okay to indulge occasionally, and you can still be ripped!”

So who’s right, me, or Martin Berkhan?

Firstly, we need to distinguish between being ripped, and getting ripped. The former is a state of being, which means you are already there. The latter, means you have a load (or a little) more work until you’re there.

Two very different things.

And this is completely backed up by my experience not just in fitness, but with business and other areas too.

Can you drink somewhat regularly and maintain 10% body fat year round? Yes. Can you drink somewhat regularly and lose body fat without losing any muscle? No.

Can you drink somewhat regularly and maintain your business income (assuming it’s not seven figures or something very high)? Yes. Can you drink regularly and consistently grow your business by $1k+ per month? Probably not.

While there are exceptions to the above examples, my general point is:

There is a difference between maintenance and progression. If you’re already ripped, you can indulge occasionally, and be fine (if you’re careful!!)

If you’re not already ripped and you indulge on a weekly (or more) basis, then it’s going to severely damage your chances of ever getting ripped in the first place.

Now, what about Martin Berkhan?

He’s a smart dude, and I doubt he ever recommended to get drunk on a regular basis while pursuing 10% or less body fat. Obviously it’s incredibly damaging, and even if you do manage to achieve it, you’re going to lose muscle.

What he probably did say, was that you can ‘get away with’ some drinking while already being lean, and it’s not going to make you balloon up the very next day. That would be true.

You’re already lean. You’re consuming maintenance calories (including the alcohol). But you’re staying lean despite the alcohol, not because of it (obviously).

Frankly, I receive way too many alcohol/sugar/weed defending comments on Twitter, and it’s a little concerning. It makes absolutely no sense to be an alcohol-apologist (I’m a red wine lover myself), if you want to get shredded.

Alcohol = bad for fitness.

You can still have it, but there’s no need to get insane or irrational about the effects of it on the human body.

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