How To Get Ripped Without Going Low-Carb


Low Carbs


We’ve been led to believe that the magic low-carb fairy is the cure-all to your dietary problems, and that if you go low carbs, you will forever be shredded.


Tom MacCormick at T Nation released an article recently here, check it out:


Fat Loss Is About Math Not Magic – An Analyis


This inspired my post today, enjoy.


I’ve spoken to many guys, some intelligent, some not so. Some have been into fitness for a few years, some brand new. The common theme among them though, is that they have developed some form of emotional attachment to low carb diets. I think the fact that low carb seems to work so well in the short term for really shedding weight quickly (a lot of water weight too!) seems to really make guys love it.


They think:


“Oh wow this is the best thing/diet/strategy that’s ever happened to me, I feel amazing, I feel great!”


And this forms some kind of emotional bond with the dieting approach. Sounds strange, but that’s the way it looks to me. I’ve also had some debates with guys on this on non-fitness forums, and people get incredibly defensive over a mere dieting plan. The sheer defensiveness spells emotional attachment to me.


Whereas on bodybuilding forums and YouTube fitness gurus’ channels, guys don’t give a shit. They realise the truth. The truth being that fat loss is simple math, rather than about the content of your food. Sure, you may feel more full, less bloated, and more energetic on certain diets than others. But the bottom line is always:


Are you in a caloric deficit? If so, how large of a deficit are you in?


The answer will determine the speed of your fat loss, if you’re losing fat at all.


Now let’s go a step further with this. These very same emotionally-attached-and-defensive guys always invariably gain most of their lost weight back. Low carb diets are simply not sustainable in a world which is dominated by carbs. Now, the world has always been dominated by carbs, but even more so now.


Yet they still get defensive over their dieting approaches. Despite the obvious proof that they can’t stick to them, they still defend them. Low carb diets cause you to lose a load of weight, and then regain it all back. Is this really a system to defend?


These guys include:


  • Casual gym-goers
  • “Hardcore” gym rats who have been lifting maybe 1-4 years
  • Red Pill guys who have been lifting a few years
  • Newbies
  • Previously fat guys (who don’t care about strength gain)
  • Older guys
  • etc.


and they all have one thing in common; they are all emotionally attached to the same short-term gratification.


Low Carbs vs Intermittent Fasting


Low carb diets simply want to ignore reality as it is. I don’t. There is no point in telling people to slash their carbs, because they aren’t going to be doing this for the rest of their lives, so they have no hope in hell of maintaining it, and therefore, maintaining their new, lean physique.


It’s a waste of time doing it in the first place if you can’t maintain it.


Rather, if you build a fitness lifestyle that allows you to have carbs whenever you want, within the context of fat loss or muscle gain, you now have a sustainable system. Furthermore, if you shift more of your calories into the evening like you would with Intermittent Fasting, you now have a buffer stock of calories to protect yourself against the most dangerous part of the day – 6pm onwards.


This is when most dieting disasters occur, not in the mornings. If you have more calories to play with, you reduce the potential to binge and ruin your diet progress.




If you take anything from this, I want you to understand:


Diets that are low carbs are doomed from the word go. You cannot sustain a lifestyle on less than 50g of carbs per day. Whereas I have been sub 10% fat for a long time, and would only ever go above 10% through choice – to gain more muscle.




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