Do Carbs Make You Fat?


Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Prepare to get butt-hurt…over carbs.

This is one of the most controversial topics in modern-day fitness. Everything is cyclical, and it used to be anti-fat in the nineties, but now it’s come full circle and carbs are the enemy. It’s not just sugar, either, with diets that recommend never going over 20g of carbs per day(!) This is clearly anti-carb, not anti-sugar, which is madness. Far too restrictive.

This topic honestly winds people up so much, it’s truly amazing. People get brainwashed by the marketing; they think: Oh dear me, I’m fat. Oh, what’s that you say? Carbs are the reason. Oh crap, you’re right. THIS IS WHY I’M FAT. I’m Insulin Resistant to carbs. Carbs are the enemy, grrrrrr.’ Anything to blame the external.

People who get brainwashed are not intelligent people. They don’t have the ability to think for themselves. They are sheep.

But the funny thing about sheep is, it’s easy to make them believe they know far more about a topic than they really do. The creators of the Keto diet have successfully created a mass of delusional fools, who completely believe that they know more about fat loss than just about anybody else.


But what I do have is common sense. If you’re fat, you’ve been eating too much food.

Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Okay, let’s delve into this using a little common sense.

If carbs made people fat, then it would hold true across the board. Everyone who ate, say, 200 grams of carbs or more per day (pulling a number out of my ass), would instantly start gaining weight. This is regardless of age, race, activity level, whatever.

That last one is key by the way; activity level. It’s easier to tell people they’re Insulin Resistant than it is to tell them they’re astoundingly lazy.

Back to carbs – we can see clearly that this isn’t the case – people don’t instantly get fat from eating over a certain threshold of carbs. Some people aren’t sedentary. Some people aren’t lazy. Some people do high volume lifting routines. Some people are younger (age is a factor). Some people consume cleaner sources of carbs. Etc.

So when you see people like me, sprinters, footballers, rugby players and weightlifters all eating 400g+ of those dirty disgusting little things known as carbs, and we’re not getting fat, it’s safe to say that carbs don’t make you fat.

So what does make you fat?

Carbs Don’t Make You Fat. So What Does?

What is the one thing that makes you fatter, every single time, regardless of weight, age, genetics, gender , and even activity level?

A calorie surplus.

Even if you’re super active, if you’re greedy enough, you’ll still get fat.

And there are two ways of going about getting yourself into a calorie surplus:

  1. Eating more food
  2. Doing less activity

Most of these ketards and low-carb enthusiasts had been doing both for many years. Both at the same time. Yet they think carbs are the enemy *facepalm*. No, you’re just greedy and lazy. Both.

If you keep eating more calories without doing more activity, you’re going to get fat. If you keep doing less activity without eating less food, you’re going to get fat. Simple.

As I said in this post, you didn’t get people in concentration camps who remained at 30% body fat because they were Insulin Resistant. It’s just complete nonsense.

Just like you didn’t get people in POW camps in Japan on 500 calorie diets who were in ‘Starvation Mode’ and couldn’t lose weight because their metabolisms had crashed.


The reason Ketards think that there is ‘more to it’ than calories, is because they don’t ACTUALLY STICK TO THE EXTREME CALORIE DEFICIT, BECAUSE THEY CAN’T, BECAUSE THEY’RE SURROUNDED BY FOOD.

These are extreme examples, but they prove my point; it’s not about carbs, it’s about energy balance. Telling people they’re Insulin Resistant or some other nonsense isn’t helping them. All it does is tickle their emotions and give them a short-term solution.

Keto, and all other low-carb diets don’t work in the long-term, because there are far too many rules, and you’re restricting far too many foods. Rules will always be broken.

Just because it’s working for you now, doesn’t mean it will be working for you next month, or next year. Take it from someone who has been doing this a long time. Learn to eat carbs properly.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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