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Men Over 40

If you follow me on Twitter, you will occassionally see somewhat tongue-in-cheek Tweets about guys who watch too much porn, smoke too much weed, scroll through Instagram way too much etc.


All of the above activities could easily be replaced with far more productive forms of ‘fun’ activities, i.e reading, watching useful content for your primary goals, sauna, massages, sex, walks in nature, days out etc.


Or, they could pick up some useful hobbies.


Charles has some great ones here, and I highly recommend you check them out. I particularly like #9, and will probably get a bike someday myself. I would add to his point that anything speed-related is great fun in my opinion, and flying planes beats all else.


Check out his suggestions here:


Charles Sledge – 10 Masculine Hobbies To Cultivate


This is a great read, and Grant Cardone seems legit. I don’t agree that people set their sights too low with fitness, but I do think they massively underestimate the amount of consistent psychological discipline that’s required to get lean and stay lean.


There’s a very good reason most Bodybuilders come out of their shows with eating/mental disorders; the body and mind weren’t designed to forcefully push themselves that far. 8-12% body fat is fine (as opposed to 5%), but it will require a lot of discipline.


Read this for more info:


Axtschmiede – The 10* Rule


Men Over 40 – TRT is a very real consideration you need to make. Your health will decline from here on to some degree, regardless of how good you are. TRT, once your diet, sleep & exercise is on point, is pretty much your main source of fighting this uphill battle.


Here’s 15 TRT myths you should be aware of when conducting your research:


1)Testosterone needs to be cycled to maintain Fertility

2)Test causes Prostate Cancer or any form of Cancer

3)Test causes Heart Attacks or Vascular Disease

4)Test causes Liver Problems

5)Test causes increases in LDL or decreases HDL

6)Testosterone has harmful side effects

7) Testosterone needs to be combined with an AI and hCG

8) Testosterone causes infertility

9) Therapeutic Test is the same as using Anabolic Steroids

10) Testosterone should only be prescribed when a Man has total levels below the Labcorp Standard Mean Deviation of 200

11) Testosterone Boosting supplements work for some and not others

12) Eating a specific Diet or performing specific Exercises can increase or improve endogenous T,

13) Any Doctor can prescribe Testosterone and Optimize You

14) Testosterone is a Magic Bullet

15) All Testosterone delivery systems are equal


Watch this to learn more:


Entrepreneurs In Cars – 15 TRT Myths


Well, do carbs make you fat? The Grandaddy and most controversial question of all. Men Over 40, if you want to keep the fat off your body, listen up…


Listening to all the fat girls on Instagram screeching about Insulin Resistance you would have thought carbs did make you fat. Carbs Are Evil™, Carbs Are The Reason I’m Fat™, Death To Carbz™.


Hold on a second. Let’s calm down and think. Clearly, when you have people like myself, swimmers, sprinters, bodybuilders and powerlifters all on 3-400+ grams of carbs per day, sat below 10% body fat, the proof is clearly in ‘the pudding’ (pardon the pun, fatty) – carbs don’t make you fat.


Oh, but then you know what the stupid counter argument to this is, don’t you?




Yes Honey, I understand what you’re saying. I have far more experience, success and knowledge than you and all your overweight friends put together. But no, I know nothing. You’re right. Okay (chuckle). You’ve read one or two Keto books and the writer has convinced you that you know more than anyone else. Oh Jesus, you’re an idiot.


But seriously, if your theory was remotely true, and you were cursed by the evil Insulin Resistance fairy from birth, and there was nothing you could do about it, then you would have been an obese little baby, and an obese little toddler.




And do you know why you got fat later in life?


Because you consumed more calories than you needed. Or, in less-nice terms; you were a greedy little shit. Grow up and use some common sense.


Another point: whenever humans are legitimately starved of food (think POW camps in Japan, or the concentration camps in Germany), and the little food they are fed by their captors is carbohydrates (!), you don’t get one or two people sat there, remaining fat, because they’re ‘Insulin Resistant’.


When people in death camps are fed bread and rice, both sources of carbohydrates, they still starve to death. Because they aren’t eating enough CALORIIIIEEEEEEEEES.


The marketing behind Keto truly is incredible. It makes people:


  1. Identify their selves with a bloody diet
  2. Become incredibly irrational


People are at their most delusional when talking about:


  • Relationships
  • Their own kids (especially mothers), and…
  • Diets




This post is less sarcastic and the writer has more patience dealing with idiots than I do, have a read here:


Art Of Manliness – Do Carbs Make You Fat?


And on that note, it’s time to promote my own content (yes I do that because it’s that good). If you’ve not read this yet, you need to. I go into multiple reasons and specific detail as to why my Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle is far superior to the ridiculous Keto.


I compare and contrast different foods, macros, rules and restrictions. Can you guess which system is better? Find out:


Forever Alpha Blog – The Truth About Keto – You’ve Been Lied To


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