What Are The 4 Most Satiating Foods?


As it’s prime dieting season for most of us, I thought now is a good time to write a post on some of the best foods to consume when dieting.

Of course, this is subjective, and is based on my personal experiences. And when I say “satiating”, I mean on calorie for calorie basis.

We all know for example, that 600 calories of oats (a BIG bowl) are going to be more satiating than 200 calories of chicken (a small breast), despite the chicken having far more protein in. Total calorie intake is always the biggest factor.

Although having said that, of course the macronutrient composition (protein mainly) and the amount of fibre will also be important factors.

Another interesting one, believe it or not, is the “crunch” factor – how much chewing is required to get the calories down your neck. It’s kind of the opposite of liquid calories. Super crunchy foods will have more of a satiating effect, I’m not exactly sure why, but they just do.

Perhaps your brain thinks it’s getting more than it really is? I don’t know.


Anyway, calorie for calorie, here are the four most filling and all round satisfying foods (in no particular order):

  1. Apples – Sitting at about 95 calories per apple, these are life-savers on a cut. They’re (obviously) low calories, high in micronutrients and fibre, and boy are they sweet, crunchy and tasty. They will satisfy the worst sweet tooth known to man…mine 🙂 Awesome.
  2. Sweet potatoes – Not everyone likes them, but if you do like them, they will be a powerful tool in your arsenal. You can get a large sweet potato for a mere 150 calories. ONLY 150! And they’re incredibly filling, packed with micro’s, and go with just about anything else I can think of. I like to chop them up and throw them in a big pan with loads of other veg, making it easier to add spices etc. Potatoes in general have been demonized by the anti-carbs, Carbs Are Out To Kill You™, Carbs Make You Fat™ squad.  But studies (and vast amounts of field-tested experience) show that they are incredibly good for diet adherence, due to their satiating effects. Sweet potatoes taste a little better, in my opinion.
  3. Chicken breast – Yes, you knew that was coming didn’t you. 250 calories will get you a fair-sized chicken breast, at over 40g of protein, and of course, they are very filling. Now, as I said before, what usually happens is guys will compare a large portion of potatoes versus a single breast and claim that potatoes are always more filling than chicken. But remember, you’re only comparing 1 breast (250 calories) to (usually) about 400-500 calories of potatoes. This isn’t always the case, but I’ve seen it enough times now to mention it.
  4. Water…wait what? Okay, it’s not a food, but so many dieters don’t drink enough of it and complain when they’re hungry all the time. It costs you ZERO, yes ZERO calories, and fills you up like a mother******.

There you have it. When you’re dieting, eat more of these foods (and drink more water), and your diet adherence will increase.

And what is more important than anything, during a diet? The ability to actually stay in a caloric deficit. It’s all well and good being in a deficit for five days a week, but if you completely blow it on the other two, you lose.

Diet adherence is everything.


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