3 Foods Men Over 40 Need To Eat More Of


Men Over 40


Men over 40 already have it harder than younger guys. They have:


  • Lower testoterone
  • Higher cortisol
  • Weaker joints
  • More responsibilities
  • Time management difficulties


Men over 40 also likely have the following challenges in addition to the above:


  • Kids (HUGE liabilities and time-suckers)
  • A stressful job that they need to work long hours at in order to retire
  • Family stresses (nobody has the perfect family)


So when you pile all these together into a nice ugly heap, you see that there are serious problems for these guys. It is like walking a tightrope a lot of the time – one slip and you’re gone.


Now, enough boo-hoo.


Men over 40 are more stressed than men under 40. They have more time management problems, more ageing related difficulties, and more problems all round.


How do we work around these?


Well, to start off with, we avoid super-stressful and super-restrictive diets such as these:


Keto, Other low-carb diets in general


And avoid damaging mindsets such as these:


Victim mentality, “I can’t diet on a full-time job” (yes you can), Comparing yourself to other overweight people


But in terms of positive nutritional actions, if you eat more of these three foods, they will help you:


  • Maintain energy throughout the day
  • Recover workout to workout
  • Sleep better (and therefore reduce stress)


Here they are:


Number 1 – Apples


Unbelieavably good if you’re Intermittent Fasting in the late morning. They satisfy your sweet tooth (meaning lowering any sweet cravings you have around mid-day) and they fill you up surprisingly well.


The reason I say they are so effective, particularly during IF, is that apples allow you to push your first meal back by another hours or two, and therefore decrease the size of your total eating window even futher. And therefore making you feel fuller for longer. Very useful little strategy.


They’re also packed full of micronutrients, can be thrown into a delicious fruit smoothie, and go with a variety of other flavours.


Number 2 – Salmon


Now, I hope you read the first link in this article (if not go back to the top of this page) – Men Over 40 and Testosterone.


In that article I spoke about generic dieting tips and how they will help your with maximising your natural testosterone, before thinking about TRT.


However, this is more of a specific, micro-level application of that advice. Salmon contains a lot of testosterone-boosting fatty acids; very useful stuff. And a fairly high amount of protein too.


This is a great example of where you need to make sure you are getting enough Essential Fatty Acids in order to maintain respectable levels of testosterone and to keep those cortisol levels at bay.


Eat more salmon.


Number 3 – Spinach


Spinach is one of those foods that doesn’t look like its really doing anything, but it is. It’s adding serious volume and therefore fiber to your meals.


Eat more spinach and you will feel fuller for longer. SO important when trying to keep body fat levels down. The beauty of this is; it’s SO EASY to do. There’s literally no excuse not to.


Simply go to the supermarket, buy a shit-load of spinach, and then whenever you’re cooking a meal, throw a load in the pan. It’s that simple. Now go and do it.


There you have it. I like to look at building positive nutritional habits that end up giving you more freedom, rather than imposing excessive rules upon yourself all the time.


Eating more of these foods (and making a habit out of it) will seriously improve any fitness goal you are working towards.


Get to work!

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