Fitness Is A Struggle. You Must Choose Which Set Of Problems You Wish To Incur In Life.

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I think this lack of awareness is THE biggest obstacle in terms of people achieving their fitness goals. It’s just like any other goal; there is always a struggle involved.

People in our society don’t seem to be capable of taking responsibility for their actions any more, and in case you haven’t noticed, the “I’m a victim” mentality appears to have become the hottest trend, especially amongst cough*millennials*cough.

Fitness is a battle. I wasn’t born lean, and I certainly wasn’t born with muscles. I have had to fight for many years for these benefits.

Other people don’t suddenly wake up one morning weighing fifty pounds heavier; it’s an accumulation of poor decisions in regards to their health and fitness areas of life.

People aren’t born lazy and lethargic – most of it is a result of an accumulation of poor lifestyle decisions.

Your wife isn’t force-feeding you cake at gunpoint (I hope) – seriously man, do you want to improve or not?

These are all choices. Choices that are completely within our control.

Yes, certain circumstances and external stresses make it a lot harder, I know. But it’s all about priorities. If you want success badly enough, you will make the right choices, and these often involve trade-offs – something has to give.


We only have so much time, energy and motivation in a given week; we’re humans, not robots. A lot of the self-help material on the internet seems to advocate “life balance”, and that all your key areas of life must be 100% equal, otherwise you’re not a “well-rounded” individual. This means you need to allocate equal amounts of time into each area.

This is false.

Everyone has different needs, which are likely to change over time. Not only this, but crucially, if you want to improve an area of your life (taking fitness as an example), you will absolutely need to sacrifice something else. The result is an “imbalance”, but it’s a necessary one if you want to improve your life.

What ends up getting sacrificed? That’s a personal decision you need to make, but often it’s a little bit of your social life, and a little bit from your recreational life.

Sometimes no sacrifices need to be made, particularly if you’re starting from a low point. You don’t need to reduce your social life or recreational life, you just need to:

  1. Create some healthier habits (exercise, eat more vegetables)
  2. Remove the really damaging habits (e.g constantly eating junk food, smoking, drugs etc.)

But if you want to take things from “decent” to “very good”, then some sacrifices will need to be made, and time management becomes key.

If your friends are constantly drinking, some sacrifices will need to be made. If you love to watch tv and movies all the time, some sacrifices need to be made.

Start off small, and make it as fun as realistically possible.

You Have The Power

If success in your fitness life is really something you want, you will make it happen. If you really want to be:

  • Bigger
  • Stronger
  • Leaner
  • Faster

then it’s perfectly within your capabilities. It’s actually a really simple process to follow once you get some momentum going, especially if you’re following great fitness advice such as that in my book.

Now, although there is a simple process, it’s not easy, and there are always very, very difficult challenges. It’s the same with anything else; it takes years of hard work – I’m not going to bullshit you like the rest of the industry will.

But, the great news is that once you hit a “good” level of leanness, size and strength (which I appreciate is subjective), it is a lot easier to simply maintain this level. Maintenance is a different ballgame to progression. It still requires work, yes, but it’s less work than progression.

It’s time to take responsibility for our actions guys; once this happens, we can start to gain muscle, lose fat and improve our lives 🙂


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