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I’ve never presented my information in this way before, and I believe a step-by-step practical guide will be a very useful way for some of you Men Over 40 to view this stuff. These are absolutely critical for your success, and if you are lagging in any area, it could cause your results to suffer significantly.


If you’re not currently getting what you want out of your health and fitness life, you will find the missing piece below:


Number 1 – He Has Long-Term Health Goals


At the end of the day, without our health we are nothing. It’s your number one priority to preserve your health at all costs. Where this directly ties in with fitness is of course if you’re overweight. Of course there is more to health though. Read these to give yourself a good idea of where to start.


Number 2 – He Has Exciting Fitness Goals


You must have written goals and an action plan for how to achieve them. These could be weight loss, muscle gain or cardio-related. You need to prioritise ONE AT A TIME. I have multiple goals, but I only attack one at a time. Failing to do this will result in wheel-spinning. I don’t recommend re-comping, because whilst it is technically possible, it’s simply a poor use of time. Since time is a finite resource, especially for you Men Over 40, we don’t want to be wasting it.


Another reason that this is so important is that if these are exciting and motivating, then they will reduce boredom/habitual eating and they will incentivise you to go for a walk instead of eating a brownie, for example.


Number 3 – He Has A Written Weekly Meal Plan


This is derived directly from your written fitness goals. These meal plans are your week to week action plans, as they essentially provide about 80% of your results. How many calories will you consume per day? What foods will you eat at what time? How are you going to prepare for this? Hint: Do it on Sunday evenings.


No weekly meal plan means you WILL NOT HIT YOUR FITNESS GOALS. Younger men can get away with this. Men Over 40 with hectic schedules MUST PLAN. There is no escaping this reality.


Number 4 – He Practises Outcome Independence


Now you have your weekly action plan, you now need to adopt a mindset of outcome independence. I’ve written briefly about this before, but not in much detail. It means that despite having a plan, accept that sometimes you will have a bad day. Don’t focus too much on any single day, but focus on the week as a whole. Was it better than last week? Was this month better than last month?


Don’t too hung up if you have a super-stressful day and go over your calories by 500.


Number 5 – He Ruthlessly Applies The 90/10 Rule To His Diet & Training


Notice that I didn’t say the 80/20 rule? Good. Well spotted. The tightrope that I’ve spoken about before is a very real thing that gets narrower as you get older. For Men Over 40, the 80/20 rule becomes the 90/10 rule. Specifically with diet, this means you need to eat “clean” 90% of the time. Younger men can get away with more, you can’t.


You also won’t recover as well as younger men, unless you play with the TRT dosage a little, which I’ll get to in a second. Assuming you don’t recover as well, you need to be more ruthless with your training. Where is the fluff, and how can you eliminate it? Everything you do in the gym must have a very clear and specific purpose. Is it helping you to hit those fitness goals in rule #2?


Number 6 – He Has A TRT Prescription & Consults His Doctor For Blood Work Check-Ups Regularly


I’ve written about the importance of testosterone before, especially for Men Over 40. This is one of the key loopholes you can take advantage of if you want to reduce some of the enormous disadvantages you face compared to your younger competitors.


Most TRT dosages will be around 125-200mg of test per week. The upper range of this is likely to give you the free test (which is the key factor here) of an 18 year old. This is very good. The mind of an older, more experienced guy with the energy, motivation and recovery of a younger guy. Very powerful.


Number 7 – He Sleeps 8-9 Hours Per Night


One of the key causes of stress, lack of recovery, and over-eating is lack of sleep. Contrasting this to a man who sleeps 8-9 hours every single night, and you will notice lower stress and cortisol, higher testosterone and recovery, and finally, a regulated appetite. In a lot of ways, sleep deprivation acts like a sugar addiction on your appetite.


Most Men Over 40 are busy, stressed out dudes, and for that, you have my sympathy. But, the solution is to get working on your sleep habits. There are plenty of strategies for this, ranging from reading and meditating, to watching your electronics usage, water consumption before bed and caffeine consumption post mid-day.


Number 8 – He Does 30+ Minutes Per Day Of General Activity


This is an essential habit-building exercise that will greatly improve your long-term results with fitness. It’s not going to get you results instantly, but will slowly improve recovery, appetite regulation, and over the course of multiple weeks, the calorie burn will really start to add up. Very important.


Number 9 – He Utilises Tactical Maintenance Periods Every 8-12 Weeks


These are very important for maintaining motivation, preventing injury, and maintaining long-term progression towards your long-term fitness goals. These periods keep your weight loss sustainable. They keep your high-volume training protocols more sustainable during muscle-building quests. They keep you motivated.


I suggest relaxing during these maintenance periods. Not slacking – you still need to hit the gym and watch your diet, but you’re just easing off the gas a little. I also suggest potentially tying these in with travel, trips, fun stuff, and general relaxation time with the family, friends, girlfriend/wife etc.


I view these maintenance periods as generally something to look forward to, and I usually use them during holiday periods. As Men Over 40, you need these slightly more often than younger men, as your body isn’t designed to take a beating anymore. In all seriousness (and I don’t mean to be a dick) but in evolution terms you were supposed to be killed off by age 35-40. This is why everything changes somewhat when you age, and managing the associated problems becomes a full-time job.




Follow the above 9 rules and you’re guaranteed long-term fitness success as an older guy. Remember, it’s not a race, and you’ll smash your competition hands down if you follow my advice.

If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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