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For Men Over 40, fitness minimalism is a pretty important concept. There’s a ton of information out there on how to lose weight, how to gain muscle, how to lose your beer belly, etc. but all of this can get quite overwhelming and confusing. Most Men Over 40 also tend to be busy with work, and don’t have time to do complex, time-consuming routines, including:


  • High volume body part splits
  • Bulgarian training
  • German volume training
  • Sheiko
  • Smolov
  • Etc.


and instead need a quicker and more time efficient routine. They also need to stop worrying about over-complex diets with insane lists of rules and restrictions (that don’t even work in the long-term anyway!!), and instead, focus on building a fitness lifestyle.


Today, I’m going to delve into a little more depth on fitness minimalism.


Fitness Minimalism – Training


Fitness minimalism cuts out the crap, and focuses on what you need to know in order to succeed in your fitness journey. Most Men Over 40 want to lose some fat so I’ll focus on that today.


For years I used to hop around from one training program to the next, in search of the super-optimal-mass-gaining-fat-burning-awesomeness that doesn’t exist. I was looking for the perfect combination of volume, frequency and intensity to turn me into a Greek God. Doesn’t work that way.


“Optimal” is more of a range, and it’s ever-changing due to many factors. It changes over time. A better way to think of this is:


  • Insufficient volume
  • Maintenance volume
  • Minimum progression volume
  • Maximum progression volume
  • Over-reaching


Over-reach too far and you enter an “over-training” state (if you don’t get injured) and this is a catastrophic place to be.


Okay, so insufficient volume is pretty much as it sounds – not enough to maintain what you have. Maintenance is enough. Minimum progression means yyou are getting bigger and stronger (provided that there is a calorie surplus). Maximum progression means you are busting your ass for optimal progression.


For Men Over 40 looking to lose fat, there are only two options available to you (the other three being poor choices). If you are a relative noob to training and can still progress on a weekly basis (or even more frequently), then you can perform minimum progression volume, despite being in a calorie deficit. Maximum is too much even for a noob and you will not recover.


What this looks like is this:


  1. A total of 8-14 sets per muscle group, per week, spread out over;
  2. 2-4 sessions, depending upon the muscle group itself


For upper body, you can get away with higher frequencies, say 3 or 4 times per week. For lower body sessions, you’re better off on 2 sessions per week.


For Men Over 40 looking to lose fat who are no longer training noobs and progress slower than once a week, don’t even think about trying to get stronger whilst in a calorie deficit. Instead, focus on maintenance volume. What this looks like is:


  1. A total of 5-8 sets per muscle group, per week, spread out over;
  2. 2-3 sessions, depending on the muscle group


As you can see, there is no magical program, it’s all complete nonsense. The above guidelines will help you to design your own program based upon your goal and your training experience/level.


Maintenance volume can be performed very quickly and efficiently, leaving you more time to spend:


  • Making money
  • With your family
  • With your favourite woman
  • Traveling
  • Having fun with hobbies


Fitness Minimalism – Nutrition


In terms of nutrition, there is no magical diet either, despite all the marketing. People get very attached to, and defensive over, the short-term emotionally-satisfying, yet long-term damaging diets. Keto, Paleo, I’m looking at you.


“OMG OMG OMG look, Keto is magic, I’ve lost 25 pounds!!!” and;


“What do you mean Keto doesn’t work?!?! You clearly don’t know anything about science. Keto burns pure fat instead of glucose, and ketones are magical, and all diseases come from carbs, and you don’t know anything and are clearly an immoral person who deserves to be killed.”


When you point out that they’ve regained most of their weight, just like 97% of all other dieters, it’s;


“Well it doesn’t matter, Keto works and anyone who believes otherwise doesn’t believe in science. I know X, Y and Z, and it worked for them too Goddammit!!”


Yes, and X, Y and Z have also stopped, why have you all stopped? Does this not tell you that Keto is unsustainable?




And so the endless cycle of needless suffering continues, thanks Fitness Industry. I’ll be over here having consistent, purposeful success towards my goals without my weight bouncing up and down like an uncontrollable Jack In The Box.


Instead, you need to create a fitness minimalist diet and lifestyle, like I have. It’s a far simpler system, with far less rules and restrictions, and again, it allows you to focus on other areas of your life. The less rules and restrictions, the more sustainable your diet is, and the more consistent your results will be.


A minimalism diet just follows a few rules:


  1. Eat 10% less total calories than you currently are
  2. Only eat food from supermarkets
  3. Cook all meats as soon as you return from the supermarket, and put into tupperware’s in the fridge


This is just an example, and you can create your own minimalist diet. As long as you’re in a calorie deficit, you don’t need endless rules, otherwise you’re condemning yourself to a lifetime of dietary/body fat suffering. You’ll never be happy.


The above is a very easy to follow and time management friendly system that will get you great results, assuming you stick to the calorie deficit and you prepare in advance.




Be a fitness minimalist and don’t over-complicate things. The Fitness Industry thrives on complexity and confusion in order to push seemingly “perfect” solutions which just satisfy people’s unsatiable need to satisfy their short-term gratifications. This always has long-term consequences. I’m trying to save you from them.


Look at training programs as either:


  1. Maintenance
  2. Slow progression
  3. Fast progression


Most Men Over 40 should seek to maintain in a fat loss phase. Slightly more younger men will be able to gain a little provided they are not experienced.


Look at diets as:


  1. Are you in a damn deficit or not?
  2. Are you preparing everything in advance, or are you being swayed consistently by the external world?


Get to work.

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