Good Foods Vs Bad Foods – The Poison Is In The Dose: An Analysis




Jason Blaha has posted a new video here on the stupidity of labelling foods as “good” or “bad”. There truly is no such things as good or bad. The thing is, anything taken to extremes can be a bad thing.




Water is an absolute necessity, and without it, we all die within a couple of days. Similar kind of scenario with vital nutrients (although it obviously takes longer to die). We need certain things, so they are pretty damn important, but take them too far, and we end up poisoning ourselves, literally.


Jason also talks about fructose. Namely, how fructose is fantastic for most people when talking about fruit consumption (because of the micronutrients and fiber that fruit provides usually). However, if you exceed greater than 50g then you may be in trouble.


A major caveat to this though, is that people who exercise more, and eat more fiber, can get away with more fructose conumption. Can you see why it’s SO difficult to say anything is “good” or “bad”? There is always a greater context involved. The bigger picture is always the most important thing.


If you exercise more, you can get away with more things in general. If you eat plenty of fruits and veggies, you also can get away with more stuff in general. It’s not the same ballgame as someone who lays on the sofa (or sits in the office without hitting the gym) and eats crap all day.




Not only does this dose-dependent principle apply to food, it also applies to everything else. Including:



I am not saying you should do any of the above, but I am trying to make a point:


If you have a couple of glasses of wine per week, you are not going to get liver damage, die of cancer, or gain a load of weight. At least not because of the wine. However, if you’re consistently abusing the stuff twice per week (and you’re getting completely trashed all the tim), you will have problems.


If you have a really low dose of testosterone (monitored by a doc), you will not die, in fact, you will probably be healthier if you’re over age 35 or so. However, inject half a gram of tren, a load of HGH and insulin, you’re in trouble. Despite what the media says, steroids aren’t remotely dangerous in small doses – similarly to alcohol. You run into problems when you abuse the stuff.


The point of all of this is that it’s the exact same thing with food. Cake is not a problem if you consume in small quantities. I can do this, but I realise people who have food addictions simply can’t. I have to note that there is also a difference between me in a diet and me bulking. Me bulking is constantly full and hates food. Me dieting cannot stop thinking about food.


Therefore if you’re dieting, steer clear of sugar, obviously.




Food is never good or bad. The dose, or quantity in which you consume food is definitely good or bad though. This is why when people ask me these stupid questions, the answer is always “it depends”. Or I might lie just to shut them up.


Not enough fiber is bad. Too much fiber is bad. Not enough water is bad. Too much is bad. Not enough exercise is bad. Too much is bad.


Stop labelling shit, and start looking at the bigger picture.



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