My History With Fitness: Part Three

Intermittent Fasting, OMAD

We left off in Summer 2013, with a total of four weeks on the island of Crete, sitting at 10% body fat for the first time in my life, and looking legitimately good.

Read part one and part two first, so that this makes sense.

Alright, let’s get into it.

Intermittent Fasting

This was one of the best summers of my life. The first three weeks were spent on the west side of Greece’s largest island, Crete, and the final week was a complete piss-up on the east side.

The whole month was chock-full of sunshine, beach parties, mythos, gyros, hot Scandinavians (they love the Greek islands), and late nights in bars and clubs.

It was heaven.

But as you can imagine, it wasn’t exactly heaven for my chiselled physique. If you’re drinking mythos for lunch, and eating ice cream later in the afternoon on the average day, every day, for a month, you’re screwed no matter what you do.

But, if you’re actually a non-moron when it comes to alcohol and complete junk food, there’s a lot you can do to minimise the damage, and in fact, you can easily maintain your chiselled look while travelling.

But I was indeed, a moron of the highest order.

I was wasting calories at breakfast every morning – to be fair, it was usually fruit, eggs and the like, so it could have been worse. But it was still a waste, because I’d then continue to eat a large lunch (accompanied by beer), and then pig out in the evening.

Not good.

So while I was out getting drunk on the beach (at 11am), chasing Norwegian tail, and going to house parties in nearby towns later at night, I was packing on the weight big time.

After the four week madness, I got back to Manchester and whipped out the bathroom scale.

I was dreading it. Ohhh God.

And it read:

167 pounds. A TEN POUND weight gain!!! Holy fuck!

Some of it was water and bloat, sure. But I’d hit the gym a grand total of three times the entire month, so it sure as hell wasn’t muscle. Oh dear. And I was supposed to now be prepaing for a long, lean bulk (the Warrior Program is an ideal example of this) throughout the next 8-9 months so that I could build more of a muscular base as I headed off to uni (college).

Bollocks. And this anger lead me to the next lesson:

It’s NEVER worth ‘letting yourself go’ for any length of time (one-off celebrations being the exception). The weight you gain is gained very easily, but you’ll want to lose it again in the future, and it’s going to be 8-12 weeks of torture, just so you could have fun for a few weeks.


Instead, I should have followed an Intermittent Fasting system that’s designed to keep you lean despite eating meals out and travelling.

Specifically, OMAD would have done the job perfectly. I would have had black coffee throughout the morning, ice-cold sparkling water throughout the day, and then enjoyed the evening meal out with a load of red wine. Perfect.

THAT would have been the ideal recipe for damage limitation, and would have saved me MONTHS of pain further down the road.

Stay tuned for part four, as we enter the university phase, more clubbing, and more stupidity. Good times!

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