Cheat Days Are For Losers

Intermittent Fasting

Now this doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone, but it applies to most people. If you are currently having cheat days on a weekly basis, you are going to suffer problems to some degree.


Intermittent Fasting

Think about it. You’re consciously planning on consuming a massive excess of bullshit calories, that clearly are not good for your fat loss, energy levels, appearance, strength, performance etc. You’re doing this on purpose. You’re planning on failing.

You should NEVER plan to eat junk food for an entire day unless you’re a true hard-gainer (and they are funnily enough the people who are least likely to actually do this) – it’s a very dangerous mindset to have. I could quite literally eat about 4000-5000 calories without even blinking if I was to have a true ‘cheat day’, and I’m sure you could to.

What’s worse is that there is a very real chance of this actually happening (I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you). Once you’re in the midst of a hunger-fuelled, sugar-fuelled, cookie and ice cream binge, you lose all control, particularly if you’ve been in a calorie deficit all week.

Now there is an exception to this, and it’s actually something that I do too. It’s having a day or two where there’s a special event, night out, or weekend (travelling), whereby you let loose and party. These can be some of your happiest memories, and some of the best times in your life. But these are rare – perhaps every other month.

This is once every eight weeks, not every single week. BIG difference.

If you still want to have cheat days every single damn week, you’re telling the world and you’re telling yourself most importantly, two things:

  1. You haven’t yet sorted your sweet tooth out (see my 20+ minute podcast at IFFT for how to sort this out in 5 easy steps), and funnily enough, ‘normal foods’ taste WAY better once you’ve gotten rid of your addiction (and yes, that’s exactly what it is)
  2. Your diet is just too painful and is never going to work out long-term, because ultimately you hate every second of it

My philosophy when it comes to fitness as a whole, but in particular dieting, is that your approach must be realistic and you must be able to maintain it over the long-term.

Otherwise you’re bound to rebound and fail.

If you follow the correct Intermittent Fasting set-up with:

  • A small eating window of 4-8 hours
  • Black coffee during the fast
  • High protein foods
  • Lots of veggies (Yes BOTH meat & veggies, not one or the other – I’m looking at you Vegans/Carnivores).
  • Fruits such as apples/berries/bananas timed around your lifting sessions
  • Oats or potatoes times around your lifting sessions

Then you really shouldn’t feel the need to be binging on crap once per week. And this is a big problem with most diets – they go too low on either calories or carbs (or both!) This almost always makes people want to ‘veer off’ from the diet, because it simply isn’t enjoyable.

Not good.

Instead, allow yourself some carbs (particularly if they’re well timed), just stay the hell away from overly sweet stuff (high sugar). Make sure you’re getting a boatload of protein and veggies down your neck every single day without fail, and hunger won’t be an issue.

And you’ll be like me:

You won’t even want ‘cheat days’. That’s where you want to be. I literally can’t remember the last time I had a ‘cheat day’. I’m so full and satisfied from my current foods that I wouldn’t dream of having one. I’m also about 9% body fat right now, and have maintained 10% for years, so I’m proof that they’re not needed. I take my results too seriously to compromise them with silly crap, which also makes a big difference.

Get your Intermittent Fasting eating system right, and I’m telling you you won’t even want your Sunday cheat day.

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One thought on “Cheat Days Are For Losers”

  1.  I agree with you on this.

    I always seem to get better results when going without cheat meals for as long as possible. I only stray from my diet on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, etc. I never plan to cheat and it works for me just fine.

    Keep up the good work,
    Harry P

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