7 Masculine Semen Retention Benefits

Semen Retention, Testosterone

If you’re having trouble quitting porn or masturbating too much, then these semen retention benefits may just change your life.

I’ll talk more about them in just a minute.

But first, let’s get some definitions:

Semen Retention Benefits

What Is Semen Retention?

Semen retention is the practice of witholding your semen, and allowing your masculine energy to build up over time.

This occurs in many cultures across the globe, and across history with many famous individuals who have taken advantage of it with enormous success. Including:

  • Steve Jobs
  • Mike Tyson
  • Muhammed Ali
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Dalai Lama

These guys became unstoppable, by maximising their masculine energy through semen retention.

Semen Retention Benefits Vs Nofap

These two often get confused with one another, but they’re not the same thing.

Under the nofap model, the focus in on quitting porn and masturbation. Whereas with semen retention, it goes a step further in harnessing your masculine, with no ejaculation (even during sex).

As you can imagine, it’s a challenge, but well worth it.

It’s far easier to live a life of freedom, focus, and motivation, once your energy is back within your control, and you’re harnessing it correctly.

Think of the things you can achieve when your energy is at 100% every day. You’ll become unstoppable like the guys listed above. Whether you want to be an athlete, entrepreneur, real estate investor, or philosopher, semen retention will help you to get there.

Let’s look at what the majority of guys are currently doing in 2021…

semen retention depression

Semen Retention And Monk Mode

One thing I would suggest “stacking” semen retention with, is monk mode.

The two really go hand in hand. Semen retention is what builds up your energy and masculinity, monk mode is the lifestyle and is the vehicle through which you apply that new energy.

Semen retention is fantastic. But you don’t want to be pairing it with an unsuitable lifestyle, like going out and getting drunk twice per week. Or being distracted by girls left right and centre.

If you combine it with monk mode however, you’re going to get an intense combination that really allows you to transform into a beast, physically, financially, emotionally etc.

Let’s now get into the nitty gritty of semen retention, and why it’s so important.

The Problems With Ejaculating Too Often

On a basic, biological level, you’re convincing yourself that your ‘reproductive mission’ is now complete. This means that you’re free to kick back, relax, and become a beta male.

It’s a BIG problem.

If you want to make more money, get more jacked, or have more real life sex, then you want your motiation for all these things to be sky-high, not rock bottom.

Ejaculating all the time leads to the latter.

It Leads To Lower Testosterone

‘Wasting’ your semen will absolutely tank your testosterone over the mid-to-long-term for all the reasons I’m about to list.

We’re not just talking about the immediate after effect – we’re talking about everything else that it leads to over the weeks, months and years.

So yes, over time, ejaculating too often will make you less of a man on a very physical level. And in contrast to this, semen retention will indeed boost testosterone.

And if you’re looking to really boost your testosterone results, check out Testogen. Testogen is definitely something I recommend stacking semen retention with.

Quite a few guys have seen increases of up to 44% in their total T levels, in a very short time span too. It combines all of the best supplements into one, leading to a powerful effect on your hormonal environment. Meaning; more muscle, more recovery, better sleep, and a greater overall quality of life.

It Leads To Depression

This is closely linked to the unbelievable dopamine response you get, especially if you watch porn on a regular basis.

The more dopamine you blast your brain with, the higher the future threshold becomes in order for you to be happy. Thus, you get addicted to that new ‘dopamine high’ and exacerbate the vicious cycle.

Depression lurks just around the corner.

It Leads To Social Anxiety

Social anxiety just means lower social confidence in certain situations. A lot of people say ‘it’s not real’, but just like depression, there’s very real chemical manifestations that are a result of modern-day realities.

Ejaculating all the time can lead to feelings of guilt, erectile dysfunction, poorer eye contact and worsened social skills.

It’s almost like your subconscious KNOWS that you’ve not really EARNED all this ejaculation, and that it’s fake.

Powerful Semen Retention Benefits

Alright, time to get to the good stuff. These semen retention benefits may just save your life (no exaggeration), especially if you’re depressed, your testosterone is >500, or you have no drive to chase your dreams.

This stuff is critical, especially if you learn how to transmute your sexual energy, and have non-ejaculatory sex.

You Boost Testosterone

I’m not just talking about the semen retention science here. Meaning this study showing testosterone peaking after 7 days of nofap, or this study showing an increase in testosterone after 3 weeks of semen retention).

No I’m talking about the long-term magic.

The real testosterone benefits come when you have more energy for the gym and start gaining more muscle mass (while avoiding the foods that kill testosterone).

Or when you start building your financial empire and live the life of your dreams.

And when you completely reset your dopamine levels and in the process, free yourself from depression. Speaking of which…

(If you’d like to boost testosterone, get on my email list. Nobody will give you better advice than me):

    It’s An Anti-Depressant

    This is very closely linked to low testosterone, and unfortunately is one of the most common mental illnesses of the modern era.

    The good news though, is things like semen retention and a bunch of other supplements like fish oil and vitamin D, are incredibly powerful for boosting your mood. You DO NOT need drugs.

    All you need is to start covering your health basics, getting more sunlight, and avoiding losing semen for ~ 3 weeks, and you’ll start to notice a massive difference in your well-being.

    Become More Attractive

    You’ll Become More Attractive To Women

    Because you’re no longer wasting your precious masculine energy, you’ll have a more masculine vibe, higher levels of confidence, and higher testosterone.

    We’re talking behavioural attraction, or that ‘Alpha vibe’. It helps a lot when dealing with an Alpha Widow girlfriend, and preventing hypergamy from destroying your life.

    If you apply all this masculine energy correctly, and direct it towards lifting weights and getting to 10% body fat, you will serious improve your looks within a matter of months.

    Semen retention allows for looksmaxing on steroids, due to all this newfound energy. All you need to do is channel it into the right activities, and the good news, is that you’ll naturally have more motivation for productive activities. Mainly due to the resenstisation to dopamine.

    When your brain is so used to being overloaded with dopamine every day by Instagram, or Pornhub, it’s difficult to get motivated to get to work or lift weights. But once these things have been removed, your motivation levels simply skyrocket.

    Improved Sleep Quality

    This one again is closely linked to testosterone.

    It’s also a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario. Low testosterone leads to poorer sleep quality. And then sleeping less that 6 hours per night leads to a further decrease in testosterone, and sky-high cortisol levels.

    A lot of guys who are addicted to porn have sleep issues, and semen retention will solve that.

    You’ll find yourself sleeping deeper, and for longer, which also leads to immune system benefits…

    It Boosts Your Immune System

    Things like viruses, infections and illnesses are less common due to semen retention.

    THIS is how powerful your masculine energy is when it’s retained.

    It’s your life energy, and contains essential vitamins and nutrients.

    You Will Become More Socially Dominant

    Semen retention leads to improved social confidence, better interactions, and a more masculine energy from you.

    You can see other guys talking about it right here.

    As you can imagine, this can lead to a lot of other opportunities, assuming you capitalise on them and put yourself out there.

    Opportunities, including:

    • Dating opportunities – women love dominant men
    • Career opportunities – people will gravitate toward you in interviews and at work in general
    • Financial opportunities – you’ll make better decisions with money due to self-control

    The list really is endless when it comes to interactions with others.

    Sky-High Focus

    In a world of never-ending distractions and competing for attention online, staying focused and steering clear from negative distractions, is a top-tier skill in itself. I mean that with 100% seriousness.

    Semen retention makes this easier. MUCH easier.

    This laser-focus and drive can be applied to anything. Perhaps it’s a side hustle. Maybe it’s a new project at work. Often it’s a new hobby.

    Whatever it is, your mind is 100% under your control.

    Back in the 1950s your grandpa and grandma didn’t have to worry about this. They went to work, they got on with it, and the newspaper & sex was their entertainment. None of it was a huge dopamine distraction.

    But in the modern world, you need to learn how to avoid the pitfalls of the modern man, and ‘focus destroyers’ are one of the biggest ones. Semen Retention is your powerful weapon against these.

    Are These Semen Retention Benefits Sustainable?

    The semen retention benefits are completely sustainable, but quite a lot of guys worry about flatlining, or not ejaculating frequently enough.

    These are very valid concerns, but I tend to divide them into the short-term and the long-term. Flatlining is a short-term phenomenon that a lot of guys go through, that just fixes itself naturally.

    But the low ejaculation frequency is more of a long-term concern that I think requires a real solution – a more balanced one that people don’t talk about enough on online forums, or in YouTube videos. I’m going to outline the solution to a low ejaculation frequency just below, and it’s something you may want to think about over the long-haul once you’re having some success with this stuff.

    Here’s some common fears guys have, and problems they need to work through.


    A lot of guys talk about ‘flatlining’ after beginning semen retention, usually a few weeks after.

    Flatlining comes in two flavours. A sexual flatline, and then an emotional flatline.

    The sexual flatline is simply when your body is getting accustomed to no longer being completely overloaded with dopamine. It realises the sexual activity has gone down, and essentially turns on the ‘Reboot Button’.

    During this brief phase, guys often experience zero sex drive, zero interest in women, their d*ck doesn’t work, etc. It usually only lasts a few days though.

    An emotional flatline is a little different. This is where their d*ck DOES work, but their emotions just go completely flat. They’re not happy or excited about things that usually excite them. They’re pretty numb about most things.

    This is most likely because the body is going through a dopamine ‘overhaul’, leading to most things not seeming very exciting, due to the relative lack of dopamine compared to watching porn and/or masturbating.

    Not Ejaculating Enough

    This is one that’s a little more valid from a long-term standpoint.

    There is a balance to be had as far as semen retention is concerned, and I believe that you should ejaculate every so often, rather than completely suppress your sex drive.

    When doing semen retention, you will accumulate a ton of internal energy, and this is powerful in many ways (as explained above). It will help you financially, with lifting weights, with martial arts, and with your social relationships.

    But you can potentially run into problems with unhealthy release of this sexual energy in anti-social ways, or during times when you’re least expecting it. You don’t want this energy to magnify negative emotions, for instance. Remember that every time you ejaculate, you release some of this energy, which can actually be healthy over the long-term in moderation.

    So a better method than completely repressing yourself forever, may well be to ejaculate once per 3-4 weeks, in addition to a very active lifestyle, once you have successfully removed porn addiction from your life.

    That last part is key.

    You must remove any addictions first. The once you’re FREE, you can release that sexual energy only as often as you truly need to, before you encounter problems. Balance out the increased energy with some ‘down time’ too. I believe the balance will vary from one man to the next.

    Another point is that you’ll eventually start getting more women interested in you, and a very healthy way to release this sexual energy is with them (as opposed to porn, or social media).

    Sperm retention

    How To Get Started With These Semen Retention Benefits

    The best thing to do, is to follow this list so that you can maximise your odds of success:

    1. Download the ‘Habit Tracker’ app so that you stay accountable and can track your ‘best streak’
    2. Set yourself a challenge of 100% semen retention for 21 days
    3. Eliminate all environmental triggers (Instagram, porn sites, subscriptions, images etc.)
    4. Get more physical exercise
    5. Get more sunlight/get outdoors more
    6. Try Intermittent Fasting, the OMAD diet, or even a 72 hour fast

    IN THAT ORDER, and you will have as good a chance as anyone, of experiencing the semen retention benefits listed above.

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